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Act Up Lyrics is a song by American hip hop duo City Girls in their debut studio record Girl Code (2018).

It reached the top 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The tune was released to the US reigning modern radio as the album’s next only April 3, 2019, finally reaching number one on Billboard’s Rhythmic Songs graph in its July 6, 2019 issue.

It’s peaked at number 26 on the Hot 100, which makes it their highest-charting entrance.

The song received considerable media attention after it was disclosed that rapper Lil Yachty wrote all this tune.

The tune is sampled in”Sexy Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign, also as”Midnight Hour” by Skrillex, Boys Noize, along with Ty Dolla Sign.

American rapper DaBaby published a freestyle rap of this tune on March 26, 2019.

The audio for”Act Up” premiered on City Girls Lyrics ‘ YouTube/VEVO page on May 30, 2019.

It celebrities Lil Yachty, who performs with a news anchorman.


Act Up Lyrics Credits:

  • Song By: City Girls
  • Written By: Jatavia Johnson, Miles McCollum
  • Producer: Earl on the Beat
  • Label: Quality Control, Motown, Capitol
  • Released Date: April 3, 2019


City Girls ( Act Up ) Lyrics


Real Ass Bitch, Give A Fuck ‘Bout A Nigga

Big Birkin Bag, Hoe, Five, Six Figures

Stripes On My Ass So He Call This Pussy Tigger

Fuckin’ On A Scammin’ Ass, Rich Ass Nigga

Same Group Of Bitches, Ain’t No Eh-Eh To The Picture

Drop A Couple Racks, Watch His Ass Get Bigger

Drinkin’ On Liquor, And I’m Lookin’ At Your Nigga

If His Money Right, He Can Eat It Like A Snicker

I Ain’t Got Time For Y’all Fake Ass Hoes

Talkin’ All Loud In Them Fake Ass Clothes

Fake Ass Shoes Match Their Fake Ass Gold

I’m The Realest Bitch Ever To You Snake Ass Hoesact Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Dirty Ass Nails, Baby Girl, You Need To Back Up

It’s Yung Miami, And I Came To Run My Sack Up

Tired Ass Hoes On My Page Tryna Track Us

Brand New Chain, City Girls Goin’ Platinum

I Keep A Baby Glock, I Ain’t Fightin’ With No Random (Period)

You Bitches Weak, Is You Serious?

I Let Him Take The Pussy, Now He Actin’ All Delirious

Did The Dash And The Run, But I Can Stay Superior

She See My Number In His Phone, And Now You Actin’ Curious (Haha)

He Gon’ Buy Me Gucci If I Ask For It (Yup)

He’ll Curse A Nigga Rockin’ Tom Ford (Ow)

I Bet Your Lil’ Sister Wanna Look Like Me

I Bet Your Lil’ Brother Wanna Fuck On Me

Hood Bitch, Good Pussy, I Ain’t Average

Um, He Can’t Come Around Without That Cabbage

Um, Pop A Pussy Bitch Quick, Like A Bubblegum

I Ain’t Never Worry, I Just Deal With It For Fun

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Dirty Ass Nails, Baby Girl, You Need To Back Upjt On The Track, And You Know I’m ‘Bout My Paper

Pussy Sweet, Pussy Tight, So He Called It Lightsaver

If Your Ass A Broke Nigga, Hell Nah, I Can’t Meet Ya

If Your Ass A Rich Nigga, Imma Fuck Ya ‘Til You Ain’t One

If That Nigga A Scammer, I’m Turning Into A Dancer (Yup)

I Make It Clap Like He Got The Right Answer

Sit On It With Menace, Get It Harder Than A Hammer

He Wanna Fuck On A Freak, Pussy Pink, Breast Cancer

Oh You Like Dick, Just Like I Like Big Buns

I Don’t Care About Your Chain, Nigga, Or Your Big Truck

Yeah, I Know You Gettin’ It, But Is You Spendin’ It?

Give A Fuck What A Nigga Got If He Ain’t Givin’ It

Badass Bitch, Bad Attitude (Yeah)

Nails Done, Hair Done, Ass, Too (Ow)

Your Baby Daddy Fuckin’ Me And Suckin’ Me

He Don’t Answer You, Bitch, That’s Because Of Me (Period)Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Act Up, You Can Get Snatched Up

Dirty Ass Nails, Baby Girl, You Need To Back Up


Act Up Lyrics On Youtube ( Lyrical Video )

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Act Up Lyrics PDF FIle

About Act up Lyrics Song By City girl:

An American  Hip Hop Duo Out  Of Miami, Florida Is Know City Girl. 

Act up Lyrics Song By City girl

The band’s name derives from the group being from Opa-Locka and Liberty City, clarified by Sophisticated  as”among the roughest neighborhoods in Miami, Florida.”

They gained attention after the guest post on Drake’s chart-topping struck, “Inside My Feelings”.

They’ve published the platinum-certified Top 40 singles”Twerk” (containing Cardi B) and also”Act Up”, each of which is contained in their debut studio record, Girl Code.

Their second studio record, Town on Java premiered on June 20, 2020.



After registering to Quality Control Music, JT and Yung Miami were rated as the hottest developing artists of this week, according to the measuring activity throughout Billboard graphs Sexy 100, the Social 50, along with Billboard 200.

The duo recorded their debut studio monitor, “Fuck Dat Nigga”, that has been a diss track in their ex-boyfriends for not giving them money when they requested.

Yung Miami encouraged it through social networking and by paying DJs to play it in clubs. Soon the trail, which comes with a notable sample of fellow Florida rapper Khia’s”My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”, racked up thousands and thousands of drama.

Soon after the launch of”Fuck Dat Nigga”, JT was detained and charged with aggravated identity theft and has been sentenced to 24 months in prison. The judge did finally agree to push her to backdate.

JT started her prison sentence in July 2018 for credit card fraud charges and was published on October 8, 2019, 5 months prior to her first launch date of March 1, 2020.

While JT was incarcerated, Yung Miami continued to encourage the group’s songs, stating: “When she had been in prison, I had been going to strip clubs and I’d pay a DJ $20 to play with the tune.

It began taking off” After this season, the course has been contained in Quality Control’s compilation record, Control the Streets Volume 1, and it went to number five to the Billboard 200. Additionally, it topped Billboard’s R&B/Hip-hop graph. 

The span also went on to be rated the 26th finest Hip Hop Album in 2018 by Rolling Stone.



Back in August 2018, Yung Miami was one of many rappers who faced criticism following the flow of tweets she’d written previously that included homophobic opinions.

In 2013, Yung Miami said that she would not need one of her sons to become homosexual and would defeat him when she learned that he had been.

Her remarks were discovered offensive, particularly thinking about the fact that a lot of the industrial service for City Girls is attracted by the LGBTQ community. 

Throughout the meeting, Yung Miami was contested by radio host Charlamagne Tha God in respect to her contentious tweet that asserts what she’d do when she discovered her son was homosexual.

Yung Miami responded her preceding tweet had nothing to do with all the LGBTQ community also was especially about her son.

 I simply said that when I saw anything homosexual in my own son, I would conquer him.”

The rapper tried to give clarity for what she’d really intended.

Yung Miami clarified she spends much time around several homosexual men and women, such as her uncle and hairstylist.


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