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Bonfire lyrics: Best Song For #Childish Gambino

Bonfire lyrics Song Written By Craig Morgan.

Most Singers Say This Song For Childish Gambio.

Its Released Date on May 20, 2009.


Information Of Bonfire Lyrics Song:

“Bonfire Lyrics Song ” is a tune co-written and listed by American state music artist Craig Morgan.

It premiered in May 2009 as the next single from his record That is Why.

It’s only available after presses of this record.

It’s his sixteenth only launch.

A Christmas variant with fresh lyrics premiered on November 24, 2009.

Morgan wrote the tune together with Kevin Denney, Tom Botkin, and Mike Rogers.

Bonfire Lyrics Song Lines:

“Bonfire Lyrical Song ” is an up-tempo having an electrical guitar accompaniment.

Inside, the narrator refers to a summer party around a bonfire.

The partiers have been explained in the very first verse, although the next verse tells of a police officer showing up,
inducing the partiers to conceal their beers.

The officer then Requires a beer and says that he”arrived to hang / out in the bonfire out in the sticks.

The response of Bonfire Song:

The song received mixed reviews. Andrew Lacy of Engine 145 gave the tune a thumbs-down score.

” Lacy also stated that the lyrics, melody, and manufacturing have been”forgettable”,

which the heavy manufacturing made Morgan shout rather than sing.
Matt Bjorke of Roughstock gave a much more positive review.

Though he said that the tune was similar in subject to”Redneck Yacht Club”,
he stated that its thicker generation made it stand out to the re-released record, and gave it an “exciting” sound.


Bonfire Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song By: Craig Morgan
  • Artist: Craig Morgan
  • Written By: Tom Botkin, Kevin Denney, Craig Morgan, Mike Rogers
  • Produced By: Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell
  • Label: BNA
  • Genre: Country
  • Released Date: May 20, 2009


Bonfire Lyrics: For Childish Gambino



OK, It’s Childish Gambino, Home Girl Drop It Like The NASDAQ
Move White Girls Like There’s Coke Up My Ass Crack
Move Black Girls ‘Cause, Man, Fuck It, I’ll Do Either
I Love Pussy, I Love Bitches, Dude, I Should Be Runnin’ PETA

In Adidas With Some Short Shorts, B-O-O All Over Me
My Green Is Where It’s Supposed To Be, Your Green Is In My Grocery
This Asian Dude, I Stole His Girl, And Now He Got That Kogi Beef
My Dick Is Like An Accent Mark, It’s All About The Over Es

Hot Like A Parked Car
I Sound Weird Like “Nigga” With A Hard “R”
Fly Like The Logo On My Cousin’s 440
Eatin’ Oreos Like These White Girls That Blow Me

Vodka For My Ladies, Whiskey For A Grown Man
Hangin’ In The Islands, Lookin’ For Earl Like Toejam
I Made The Beat Retarded, So I’m Callin’ It A Slow Jam
Butcher And I Know It, Man, Kill Beef, Go Ham

These Rappers Are Afraid Of Him
‘Cause I’m A Beast, Bitch, Gir, Invader Zim
Gambino Is A Call Girl, Fuck You, Pay Me
Brand New Whip For These Niggas Like Slavery

Told Me I Was Awful And That Shit Did Not Faze Me
Tell Me How I Suck Again, My Memory Is Hazy
“You’re My Favorite Rapper, Now”
Yeah, Dude, I Better Be
Or You Can Fuckin’ Kiss My Ass, Human Centipede

You Wanna See My Girl? I Ain’t That Dumb
You Wanna See My Girl? Check Maxim
“Man, Why Does Every Black Actor Gotta Rap Some?”
I Don’t Know, All I Know Is I’m The Best One

It’s A Bonfire, Turn The Lights Out
I’m Burnin’ Everything You Motherfuckers Talk About
It’s A Bonfire, Turn The Lights Out
I’m Burnin’ Everything You Motherfuckers Talk About

You Know These Rapper Dudes Talk Shit, Start Killin’
Fuck That, Got Goons Like An Arch-Villain
I’m From The South, Ain’t Got No Accent, Don’t Know Why
So This Rap Is Child’s Play, I Do My Name Like Princess Di

Yeah, They Say They Want The Realness, Rap About My Real Life
Told Me I Should Just Quit: “First Of All, You Talk White!
Second Off, You Talk Like You Haven’t Given Up Yet”
Rap’s Stepfather, Yeah, You Hate Me But You Will Respect

I Put In Work, Ask Ludwig
Put My Soul On The Track Like Shoes Did
Played This For My Cousin, Now He Can’t Even Think Straight
Black And White Music? Now, Nigga, That’s A Mixtape

Shoutout To My Blerds, They Represent The Realness
Shoutout To Gambino, Girls, My Dick Is In The Building
I Know You Hate Me ‘Cause Your Little Cousin Play Me
And I Like Black Girls Who Nerdy, But When They Dance They Be Sayin’ “Owww”

I’m Sorry For Who Followed Me
Chillin’ With A Filipina At Your Local Jollibee
Yeah, I’m In Her Ass Like Sodomy
So If You See My Hand Under The Table, Don’t Bother Me

I Don’t Talk Soft, That’s That Other Guy
I’m Screaming, “What The Fuck Is Up?” Like I Ain’t Seen The Sky
This Shit I’m Doin’ This Year? Insanity
Made The Beat Then Murdered It, Casey Anthony

These Rappers Don’t Know What To Do
‘Cause All I Did Was Act Me Like A Looney Tune
And I’ll Give You All Of Me Until There’s Nothing Left
I Swear This Summer Will Be Summer Camp, Bitch!



Video Song Bonfire Lyrics Song. ( Lyrical Video )



Bonfire Lyrics PDF File

About Sweatpants lyrics Song Singer Childish Gambino:

Donald McKinley Glover Jr. is an American actor, artist, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter, and DJ.

He plays music under the stage name Childish Gambino and as a DJ under the title mcDJ.

Bonfire lyrics Song Singer Childish Gambino

Movies Of Donald Glover ( Childish Gambino ):

Glover Was Doing Maney Movies Like Horror movie ‘The Lazarus Effect’ In 2015 Next One Is Comedy – Drama ‘Magic Mike XXL’ in 2015, next Is Based on Science ‘The Martian’ in 2015 And people Most like film Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

space western Movie Solo: A Star Wars Story in 2018,
Next Movie Is Guava Island In 2019.

The last film Of Glover Is The loin King in 2019.

Premature ( Childhood ) Life Of Donald Glover ( Childish Gambino ):

Donald McKinley Glover Jr. was born on September 25, 1983, in Edwards Air Force Base, California in which his dad was stationed and has been increased from Stone Mountain, Georgia. His mom, Beverly, is a retired daycare supplier, along with his dad, Donald Glover Sr., who was a postal employee.

His parents served as foster parents for 14 decades. Glover was increased as a Jehovah’s Witness.

His younger brother, Stephen, could later become a writer and producer that collaborates with him.

In addition, he has a sister called Brianne. In 2006, he graduated from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts using a diploma in Dramatic Writing.

While at Tisch self-produced the individual mixtape The Younger I Obtain, that was never published and was later disowned by Glover to be the”too-raw ramblings” of what he now calls a”decrepit Drake.”

He also started DJing and generating digital music under the moniker MC D (afterward as mcDJ) remixing Sufjan Stevens’ record Illinois (2005).

Personal life:

Glover and his partner, Michelle White, had a boy called Legend born in ancient 2016. G
lover is quite private about his private life, and seldom articles on social networking or does offenses unless it’s for promotional effort.

In a meeting with The New Yorker, he said that social media”made him feel human” and that he visits online discussion webpages where he could remain anonymous and speak with individuals who understand exactly what he’s saying.

On December 17, 2018, throughout the last stop for its That is America Tour, Glover declared that his dad, Donald Glover Sr., had expired.

Glover endorsed 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang and combined his effort as a”creative consultant”.

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