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 “Chanel Lyrics” is a song by American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean, published as an only about the next installment of Blonded Radio.

A remix containing American rapper ASAP Rocky was also aired together with the tune’s premiere.


Chanel Lyrics Song Information:

On the afternoon of March 10, 2017, it had been reported that Frank Ocean was set to launch his next tune of 2017.

“Chanel Lyrics” followed the launch of Scottish manufacturer Calvin Harris'”Twist ” featuring American and Ocean hip-hop band Migos.

Immediately upon its launch, “Chanel” was commended because of the lyrics associated with sexual fluidity.

Austin Williams by the web site The Undefeated known as the tune”the coldest, gayest, and many firmly manly bend in the background of rap”LGBT lovers on Twitter known as”Chanel” that a bisexual anthem.

Pitchfork called the tune as”Best New Track”, also in 2019 contained it on their record of”The 200 Greatest Tunes of the 2010s.

“On March 15, 2017, French luxury brand Chanel published two advertisements with the captions”We watch either side such as Frank Ocean”, turning the lyrics of this tune.


Chanel Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song By: frank Ocean
  • Written By: Christopher Breaux, Jacob Ludwig Olofsson, Rami Dawood
  • Produced By: Frank Ocean, Jarami, Frank Dukes
  • Label: Blonded
  • Released date: March 10, 2017


Chanel Lyrics Song by Frank Ocean( Lyrics)



My Guy Pretty Like A Girl

And He Got Fight Stories To Tell

I See Both Sides Like Chanel

See On Both Sides Like Chanel

Swimming Laps Through Pool Water

Heated Like I’m Underworld

Hide My Tattoos In Shibuya

Police Think I’m Of The Underworld

12 Treat A Nigga Like He 12

How You Looking Up To Me And Talking Down?

Can’t You See I Am The Big Man? (Big Man)

God Level I Am The I Am (Whoa)

Now Film It With That Drone Cam

In The Pink Like Killa Cam

Put A Zoom On That Stick, Noé

Up So Close I’m On That Kill

Remote Controller On Your Lower Back

Yes The Good

Dick Could Roll The Eyes Back In The Skull

Rolling When You Ride, Poppin’

Rolling When You Ride

Ride The Rodman

Got One That’s Straight Acting

Turnt Out Like Some Dirty Plastic (Ride)

2016 Burnt Some Discs

2017 Ideas Playing Off A Walkman

This A Cult Not A Clique On The Net

With A Cup In A Cup, Actavis

That’s A Double Edge, “Issa Knife”

And I Don’t Like To Fight ‘Til I’m Fighting

Revenge In The Air Make My Lungs Sick

Chopper In The Sky Like A Gun Trick

Clips On Clips Like Mikey

It’s Really All

I See Both Sides Like Chanel

See On Both Sides Like Chanel

It’s Really You On My Mind

It’s Really You On My Mind

It’s Really You

It’s Really You On My Mind

V Both Sides Of The 12

Steam Both Sides Of The L

Freeze Smoke Rings And They Hail

Sleet Snow Grind For The Wealth

Whole Team Diamonds Is Real

Showed ‘Em How To Shine By They Selves

You Need A Cosign For Your Health

I Need That Bitch To Grind On My Belt

I Know You Need To Try For My Belt

I Know You Seen It Driving Itself

No Matte Black On The Ride ‘Cause It’s Stale

But It’s Stealth

I See Both Sides Like Chanel

I See Both Sides Like Chanel

My Pockets Snug

They Can’t Hold My 7

They Banned My Visa

My Amex And Mastercards

I Got New Money

And It’s All Cash

I Got New Bags

And They All Collabs

I Rubber Band A Bunch Of Thousand Dollar Delta Gift Cards

Amazing The Cash Online Unknown

Blazing The Dash Counting Money At Home

My Pockets Snug

They Can’t Hold My 7

They Banned My Visa

My Amex And Mastercards

I Got New Money

And It’s All Cash

I Got New Bags

And They All Collabs

I Rubber Band A Bunch Of Thousand Dollar Delta Gift Cards

Amazing The Cash Online Unknown

Blazing The Dash Counting Money At Home


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About Chanel Lyrics Song Singer Frank Ocean:

Frank Ocean is an American singer-songwriter, album producer, and photographer.


Chanel Lyrics Song Singer Frank Ocean

Recognized for his eponymous musical style, introspective and elliptical songwriting, unconventional manufacturing methods, and broad vocal selection, Ocean is one of the most famous artists of his generation.

Ocean started his musical career as a ghostwriter, before joining the hip hop collective Odd Future in 2010. In 2011,

Ocean introduced his critically successful introduction mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, and then secured a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings.

Founded on electro-funk, pop-soul, jazz-funk, and psychedelic audio, Ocean’s debut studio record Channel Orange (2012) was among the most acclaimed records of 2012.

It had been nominated for Annals of the Year and won Greatest Urban Contemporary Album in the 2013 Grammy Awards, while the album hit “Thinkin Bout You” garnered Ocean a nomination for Record of the Year.


Premature Life:

Ocean was born on October 28, 1987, in Long Beach, California.  Ocean was introduced to music through his mother,

who’d play jazz songs onto her car stereo, in addition to records by Celine Dion and Anita Baker along with the soundtrack into The Phantom of the Opera.

He afterward frequented New Orleans jazz pubs and parlors, which invited him to start recording his music.

To be able to increase funds for the documenting period, he also performed several tasks as a teen such as washing cars, mowing lawns, and walking his neighbors’ dogs.

After graduating from John Ehret High School at New Orleans in 2005, Ocean registered at the University of New Orleans to study English.

But, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in August 2005, ruining his home and private recording center and forcing him to move to the University of Louisiana in Lafayette.

He remained there for a short while before falling out.


Musical Style Of Frank Ocean :

Ocean’s music was characterized by audio authors as idiosyncratic in fashion.

His songs normally comprise the electronics, frequently conducted by Ocean himself, and is backed with a subdued rhythm part from the creation.

His compositions are usually midtempo, attribute unconventional melodies, and sometimes have an experimental song arrangement.

He’s been characterized as an”avant-garde R&B artist” and a”pop artist”.

Jody Rosen of all Rolling Stone calls him a flashlight singer because of”his sense for intimate tragedy, unfurling at slow-boiling ballads”.

Ocean’s stage presence during live shows was clarified by Chris Richards of their Washington Post as”low-key”.


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