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Congratulation Lyrics Pewdiepie: Best Song By Roomie & Boyinaband


This song Singing By Roomie And Music By Boyinaband And Also Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie Best Song Is Congratulation Lyrics Song.

Self-Released Song on March 31, 2019, on youtube And Best Credits, To go T-Series, Surprising To PewDiePie, Most Subscriber On Youtube Chanel.


Information of Congratulation Lyrics PewDiePie:

This Song Is Most popularity Gain On youtube Channel two Days Popularity Gain 150k To 300k on 1 March Only Day.

This Song Is Big Viral On Social Media Site Best Peopal Most Like And Subscribe This Channel.

Ad After Day This Song Was Banned In India Because This Song Distract To
Bich Lagasana.


Background This Song:

This Song Most Credit To Goes T-Series in 2008. PewDiePie’s Get Most Subscriber on his Youtube Channel.

As a reply, PewDiePie fans along with other YouTubers had shown their support for PewDiePie, while T-Series fans along with other YouTubers had revealed support for T-Series, from the PewDiePie vs T-Series contest.

Throughout the contest, the two stations were gaining a significant number of readers at a quick speed.

The 2 stations had surpassed each other in subscribers depend on many of the events in February, March, and April 2019.


Structure And lyrics of Congratulation Lyrics PewDiePie:

In fashion, “Congratulations Lyrics song By PewDiePie” is an upbeat synth-pop/hip-hop song.

In articles, “Congratulations Lyrics Song ” is a diss monitor: From the music video, PewDiePie criticizes T-Series’ chairman Bhushan Kumar for alleged tax evasion (with regard to some Times of India post ), and

he criticizes T-Series for attaining their early victory by selling music tunes.

In addition, he mocks how T-Series delivered him a stop and desist letter alleging his activities and lyrics of”Bitch Lasagna Lyrics” were defamatory.

The movie also a result of his fans for sticking with him during his YouTube profession, referencing past prominent videos.

The audio movie does mention the T-Series Wikipedia post.


Congratulation Lyrics PewDiePie Credits:

  • Song By: PewDiePie
  • Album: Congratulation
  • Written By: Felix Kjellberg, Joel Berghult, David Brown
  • Produced By: Apollo V, Joel Berghult
  • Label: Roomie
  • Genre: Synth-pop, hip hop, Satirical hip hop
  • Released Date: March 31, 2019


Best Lyrics Of Congratulation Lyrics PewdiePie:


T-Series! (Yeah!)
It’s Your Big Day! (Woo!)
Incredible Job!
I Know We Had Our Differences
But Today, I Just Wanna Tell You

A Congratulations, It’s A Celebration
Party All Day, I Know You’ve Been Waitin’ (Here We Go!)
A Congratulations (Woo!), It’s A Celebration
I Just Wanna Tell You That I Think That You’re Amazing

A Congratulations To Your Corporation
Guess To Beat One Swedish Boy, You Need A Billion Asians
Yeah, You Did It Very Nice, And All It Took
Was A Massive Corporate Entity With Every Song In Bollywood
Now You’re At Number One (One), Hope You Did Nothing Wrong
Like Starting Your Business By Selling Pirated Songs
Oops! Didn’t Think We’d See? It’s Right There On Wikipedia
Get Used To Your Past Being Held Against You By The Media (Uh Oh)
I’m Sure Right Now There’s Nothing That You’re Doing That’s Illegal, Yeah
I’m Certain That You Haven’t Had Collusions With The Mafia
For Legal Reasons, That’s A Joke
For Legal Reasons, That’s A Joke
For Serious, Indian Mafia, Please Don’t Kill Me, That’s A Joke
India, I’m Sorry ‘Bout The Memes, You’re The Best
I Love My Indian Bros, From Bombay To Bangladesh
I’ll Take On All The World For You, I’m A Heavy Hitter
‘Bout To Cause A Genocide So You Can Call Me Hi-

A Congratulations, It’s A Celebration
Party All Day, I Know You’ve Been Waitin’ (Oh Yeah!)
A Congratulations (Woo!), It’s A Celebration (Yeah!)
I Just Wanna Tell You That I Think That You’re Amazing

Congratulations (Uh)
Congratulations (It’s Your Big Day!)
Congratulations (Such A Big Day)

I Got A Letter In The Post, Hmm, What Is This? (Hmm)
T-Series Saying “Cease And Desist”
Had A Problem With Me Telling Them To Hold Their Defecation
But Let Me Educate You, Silly, That’s Not Defamation (Woo)
T-Series Can Eat A Dick (Still Not Defamation)
Suck My Fucking Swedish Meatballs (Still Not Defamation, Yum)
Did You Know That Indians Have Poo-Poo In Their Brains?
That’s A Blatant Racist Lie
Yeah, But Still Not Defamation! (Woo)
India Got Youtube Figured Out, That’s Sick, Son
How ‘Bout Next You Figure How To Fix The Caste System? (Oof)
Maybe All Those Ads Will Solve Your Crippling Poverty
But Looking At T-Series’ Past, I’m Guessing Not Probably
But Never Mind The Poor People, We Just Here To Party
Just Here To Pop Some Bottles With The 9-Year-Old Army
Non-Alcoholic ‘Cause I Had A Real Problem
But We Still Out Here Living Like We ‘Bout To Kamikaze

So This Is It, Thanks For Sticking With My Channel
Ever Since I Was A Nobody, Screaming At Barrels
Yeah, This Is It, It’s Been An Adventure
It’s The End Of The Reign Of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Through All The Change And Controversy
You’ve Been By My Side
There’s No Army In The World
I Would Rather Give Me Watch Time
It’s Been A Wild Ride, So While I Can Still Be Heard
Here’s One Last Brofist From The Number One In The World

A Congratulations, It’s A Celebration (Oh)
Party All Day (Skrra), I Know You’ve Been Waitin’ (Yeet, Party All Day, Yeah)
A Congratulations (Woo!), It’s A Celebration (Oh)
I Just Wanna Tell You That I Think That You’re Amazing

Congratulations (Skrattar Du, It’s Your Big Day!)
Congratulations (I’m Fucking Lit!)
Congratulations (Such A Big Day!)
Oh Yeah, Yeah

Congratulations, T-Series! You Did It!
Yatta Desu Ne
Hope That #Metoo Stuff Doesn’t Severely Affect Your Bottom Line


Video Song Congratulation Lyrics Song By PewDiePie. (  Lyrical Video )



Congratulation Lyrics Song PewDiePie PDF File.



Do You Know About Youtuber And Comedian PewDiePie? IF you Say no Than Understand Who Is he.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber, comic book, and philanthropist, known chiefly because of his Let’s Play movies and comedic formatted displays.

After enrolling his eponymous YouTube station in 2010, Kjellberg mostly posted Let’s Play movies of terror and action movie games.

  • Birth Date/ Place: 24 October 1989 (age 30 years), Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Real Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
  • Followers: 150 Milion
  • Residence: Brighton, England

Net Worth Of PewDiePie :

PewDiePie is among the hottest YouTube characters on the planet, using a self-reported net worth of $25 million.

PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, got his start acting gambling walkthroughs and testimonials, but has since expanded to more satirical remark and meme roundups.

Social Media of PewDiePie :


PewDiePie is Instgram ID Is ( @pewdiepie ).

PewDiePie Have Manny Followers And Also better Post.


PewDiePie is Twitter ID Is ( @pewdiepie ).

Pewdiepie wife:

Marzia Kjellberg is an Italian online character, style designer, and businesswoman.

Known for her movies on her now-inactive YouTube station.

Kjellberg has also ventured into writing, fashion designing, and company.

She’s the spouse of Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie.

  • Birth Place And Date: 21 October 1992 (age 27 years), Arzignano, Italy
  • Height: 1.62 m

Educational Life Of Pewdiepie :

Kjellberg was created on 24 October 1989, in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he was also increased.

His dad is also a corporate executive.

Throughout his youth, Kjellberg was thinking about art, also contains detailed he would draw popular video game characters like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, in addition, to play with video games on his own Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Throughout high school, he’d skip classes to play with video games in an Online café with buddies.

Then he proceeded to pursue a diploma in industrial economics and engineering direction at Chalmers University of Technology, however, left the college in 2011.

While it’s been reported that he made Chalmers concentrate on his YouTube profession, in 2017, Kjellberg explained he left due to his lack of curiosity in his course of research.

He explained, generally speaking, leaving college to pursue a YouTube career could be”fucking stupid”.

Kjellberg has also discussed a fun of Adobe Photoshop, needs to operate on picture manipulation artwork employing the app as opposed to maintain college.

Adhering to this fire after his death in Chalmers, he entered Photoshop competitions and nearly earned an apprenticeship in a notable Philippine advertising bureau.

He was also interested in generating content on YouTube; afterward not making the apprenticeship, he offered limited edition prints of his photoshopped pictures to obtain a computer to function on YouTube videos.

Critical response To Pewdiepie :

Kjellberg’s YouTube articles were met with mixed critical reception, with media outlets composing that he’s among the most well-known creators on the internet, despite being engaged in many media controversies.

Kjellberg has turned into one of those most-noted content creators on the internet and been cited as most influential for digital content production, especially on YouTube.

Eurogamer noted that Kjellberg was cast by press reports as a”figurehead” of YouTubers, also for being almost synonymous with gambling YouTubers generally.

Kevin Roose of The New York Times wrote this, throughout the period where Kjellberg had the most-subscribed station but before his alleged anti-Semitism controversy,”[Kjellberg] wasn’t only the YouTuber together with the largest station.

To numerous Inner YouTubers, he represented the worth of this system — lo-fi, accurate, defiantly bizarre”Kjellberg’s video content was described by different outlets as goofy, lively, and full of profanity.

Additionally, Kjellberg’s on-camera character was generally received as real, unfiltered, and self-explanatory by different outlets.

Kjellberg has also been received negatively by the press, with detractors describing his articles as”obnoxious” and frequently reporting his reputation as an”inexplicable occurrence”.

Rob Walker of Yahoo! has remarked favorably on Kjellberg’s intellect, saying Kjellberg is”obviously” smart predicated on if he speaks directly to his viewers.


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