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Fear Inoculum lyrics: Best Song By #1 Tool


Fear Inoculum Lyrics is the fifth studio album from the American stone group Tool.

It premiered on August 30, 2019, through Tool Dissectional, Volcano Entertainment, and RCA Records.

It’s the group’s first album in 13 decades, because of imaginative, personal, and legal problems band members struck since the launch of 10,000 Days.


Information Of Fear Inoculum lyrics song:

The record has been released to critical acclaim, with reviewers generally agreeing that the group had successfully elegant their sound that was established.

The record topped the US Billboard 200 records graph, their third album in a row to do so, selling over 270,000 album-equivalent components.

The record topped five other national record charts in its launch week too.

Two songs off the record obtained Grammy nominations, first only”Panic Inoculum”, for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, and album closer”7empest”, for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, together with the latter winning the award.



The record includes seven chief paths of audio, and a run time just short of 80 minutes, the maximum runtime of CDs.

The electronic version of the record includes three brief interlude monitors, stemming from Carey’s scrapped plan to get the record to be completely one long tune.

Jones and Carey explained the songs as long but comprising multiple moves within every track.

The idea of seven would be a recurring motif of the album both musically and conceptually; Chancellor and Jones composed guitar riffs in odd time signatures linked to the number seven, whereas Keenan introduced notions linked to seven too.

Future music movies will even pay for the theme.

The record also investigates the notion of developing”older and wiser”.

Keenan explained the record covers the notion of”adopting where we are now, imagining where we have come, and a few of the things we have gone .”

Keenan also suggested that multiple and patience listen were demanded in comprehending the record, comparing it to a gradually growing film.

Jones explained it as quite different from their earlier record 10,000 Times.  Music journalists and critics have described the record as advanced rock, innovative metal, and alternate metallic.


Fear Inoculum lyrics song Credits:

  • Song By: Tool
  • Produced By: Tool
  • Label: Tool Dissectional, Volcano, RCA
  • Genre: Progressive rock, progressive metal
  • Released Date: August 30, 2019


Fear Inoculum lyrics ( Tool )



Immunity, Long Overdue

Contagion, I Exhale You

Naive, I Opened Up To You

Venom And Mania

Now, Contagion, I Exhale You

The Deceiver Says, He Says

You Belong To Me

You Don’t Wanna Breathe The Light Of The Others

Fear The Light, Fear The Breath

Fear The Others For Eternity

But I Hear Them Now, Inhale The Clarity

Hear The Venom, The Venom In

What You Say Inoculated

Bless This Immunity

Bless This Immunity

Bless This Immunity

Exhale, Expel

Recast My Tale

Weave My Allegorical Elegy

Enumerate All That I’m To Do

Calculating Steps Away From You

My Own Mitosis

Growing Through Division From Mania

Exhale, Expel

Recast My Tale

Weave My Allegorical Elegy

Forfeit All Control

You Poison, You Spectacle

Exorcise The Spectacle

Exorcise The Malady

Exorcise The Disparate

Poison For Eternity

Purge Me And Evacuate

The Venom And The Fear That Binds Me

Your Veil Now, Lift Away

I See You Runnin’

Deceiver Chased Away

A Long Time Comin’


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Fear Inoculum lyrics PDF FIle.


About Tool:

The tool is an American stone ring from Los Angeles.

Justin Chancellor has become the group’s bassist since 1995, substituting their first bassist Paul D’Amour.

The tool has won four Grammy awards, conducted global tours, also made records topping the charts in a number of countries.

So far, the group has released five studio albums, 1 EP plus one box place.

They emerged with thick metallic audio in their first studio record, Undertow (1993), also became a dominant action from the alternate metallic movement together with the launch of the follow-up record Ænima at 1996.

Their fifth studio record, Fear Inoculum, they’re first in thirteen decades, has been released on August 30, 2019, to widespread critical acclaim.

Before its launch, the group had sold over 13 million records in the united states alone. Because of Tool’s incorporation of visual arts and also long and intricate releases,

the group is usually called a style-transcending behave and a part of the innovative rock, psychedelic rock, and artwork stone.

The association between the group and now’s music sector is ambivalent, occasionally marked by censorship, along with the group’s insistence on privacy.


Musical Style Of tool :

A part of Tool’s song repertoire trusts in using odd time signatures. Inside his musical extent, each group member experiments beyond this component of the group’s sound.

Bass Player magazine explained Chancellor’s bass like with a”thick midrange tone, guitar-style methods, and elastic flexibility”.

As an instance of the magazine said that the usage of a wah impact by hammering”the notes together with the left hand and with the bass tone control to receive a tone sweep”, like on the tune”The Patient”, by Lateralus.

Completing the group’s rhythm department, drummer Carey utilizes polyrhythms, table-style methods, as well as the incorporation of habit digital drum pads to activate samples, including prerecorded tabla and October sounds.

Seeing his role at A fantastic Circle and Tool, The New York Times wrote that”both teams rely upon

Mr. Keenan’s capacity to dignify feelings such as anger, anger, and disgust, the honey into his voice adding a little profundity”.


Work Of Album:

Jones accounts for a lot of the artwork theories of the band.

Their record Undertow comes with a ribcage sculpture by Jones on its own cover and photographs contributed by the group members.

Later albums included art by cooperating musicians: Ænima and Salival showcased works by Cam de Leon; Lateralus and 10,000 Days were made with the assistance of Alex Grey.

The releases garnered positive critical reception, using a music inventor of this Associated Press attributing to the group a reputation for advanced record packaging.

The two Ænima and 10,000 Days were nominated for its Grammy Award for Best Recording Package, although the former didn’t triumph in 1997, the latter failed to triumph in 2007.


Jones made packaging for 10,000 Days which comes with a set of stereoscopic lenses for seeing 3-D art and photographs.

A lover of photography, jones, needed the packaging also to reflect and also to be exceptional.

The CD packaging for Panic Inoculum comprised a rechargeable 4 inch HD video display and a speaker that played with a hidden track together with a movie when opened and included a 36-page booklet.


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