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Hellfire Lyrics is a song taken from the animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney in 1996.

Hellfire lyrics: Best Label By Walt Disney Records

Information Of Hellfire lyrics Song:

The song is sung by Judge Claude Frollo, the main villain of the film, who is voiced by Tony Jay.

When immoral thoughts fall into Frollo’s mind about the lovely Romani woman Esmeralda, he “panics and tries to get rid of origins” The internal battle sparks “Hellfire, “He sings “kill Esmeralda, and make her taste the flames of hell, or else let her be mine and mine alone”.

Creation Of Hellfire lyrics Song:

The creators of Disney ‘s adaptation of Notre Dame’s The Hunchback announced that they thought the “Hellfire” scene was critical in depicting Frollo as it was in the original novel by Victor Hugo.

They hoped it would be one of the greatest animated sequences ever made.
Kathy Zielinski animated Frollo, and French animators Paul and Gaëtan Brizzi, who were the heads of the Walt Disney Feature Animation satellite studio in Montreuil, France, storyboarded the sequence.

The explosion, smoke, and shadow elements in the sequence provided considerable assistance from the Visual Effects department of Feature Animation.

According to one of the directors of the film, Kirk Wise, the song “Hellfire” by Frollo required a more significant and effective visual sequence than previous animated features by Disney, comparable to the Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Disney’s Fantasia (1940), portraying the devil Chernabog gathering his demons for a single night.

Arrangement Of Hellfire lyrics Song:

It starts in flat major B before it turns to its relative minor G. Soon it modulizes briefly into C minor, then F major has a spoken intersection where the bass lies on A, dominant of D minor, the key where the song ends at last.

“Hellfire” contains elements of the Confiteor, a Latin confessional prayer used by the Roman Catholic Church.

This prayer begins right after the “Sun of Heaven” and acts as the gateway to “Hellfire.”

It also supplies counterpoint material throughout the song, including the “Kyrie Eleison” ending.

The instrumental background music to the music serves as a musical theme that changes in tone depending on the action.

Along with some variations heard early (such as in “The Bells of Notre Dame”), this motif “informs much of the score that follows in the film chronologically.

Argument Of Hellfire lyrics Song:

The song is considered one of the darkest in any Disney series, portraying Fire, sin, damnation, and lust; depictions of subject matter that should usually be found unacceptable for children.

This song and visual sequence have prompted the rating board to consider the film’s PG rating.

Disney argued in its defense that its version of Notre Dame’s The Hunchback was meant to play as well for adult viewers as it was for kids.

The studio sought to make an animated film for a wider audience than just kids: Disney’s primary target market was animation movies.


Hellfire Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Album: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Written By: Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz
  • Produced By: Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz
  • Label: Walt Disney
  • Gerne: Musical theatre
  • Released Date: 1996


Hellfire lyrics: Walt Disney Records



Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti
Beatae Mariae Semper Virgin
Beato Michaeli Archangelo
Sanctis Apostolis Omnibus Sanctis

Beata Maria
You Know I Am A Righteous Man
Of My Virtue I Am Justly Proud

Beata Maria
You Know I’m So Much Purer Than
The Common, Vulgar, Weak, Licentious Crowd

Then Tell Me, Maria
Why I See Her Dancing There
Why Her Smoldering Eyes Still Scorch My Soul

I Feel Her, I See Her
The Sun Caught In Her Raven Hair
Is Blazing In Me Out Of All Control

Like Fire
This Fire In My Skin

This Burning
Is Turning Me To Sin

It’s Not My Fault
(Mea Culpa)
I’m Not To Blame
(Mea Culpa)
It Is The Gypsy Girl
The Witch Who Sent This Flame
(Mea Maxima Culpa)
It’s Not My Fault
(Mea Culpa)
If In God’s Plan
(Mea Culpa)
He Made The Devil So Much
Stronger Than A Man
Protect Me,…

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Walt Disney Records :

Walt Disney Records is a Disney music group American record label.

The label releases soundtrack albums from Disney’s movie pictures, TV series, theme parks, and traditional studio albums produced by its roster of pop artists, teen pop, and country artists.

Parent Company Of Walt Disney Records :

Disney Music Group


United State


Various, predominantly Pop and Soundtrack


Walt and Roy O. Disney, Jimmy Johnson

Founded Date:

February 4, 1956

Walt Disney Records is a Disney music group American record label. The label produces soundtrack albums from Disney ‘s film pictures, tv shows, theme parks, and mainstream studio albums created by its stable of rock singers, teen music, and country musicians.

History :

Disneyland Records was conceived on the Disneyland anthology television series in 1954 for material from the Davy Crockett miniseries.

The “Davy Crockett Ballad,” along with three sound-only episodes, was to be the initial material for the record company, but executives decided that they could not ramp up quickly enough.

Instead, the label was used in December 1954 to release the Ballad to TV and radio stations for a licensed Columbia Records release.

With the record’s success, they moved forward with the formation of the record company.

All About Walt Disney Records:

The label became Disneyland Records in 1956. Disney records have previously been licensed to a number of other labels including RCA, Decca, Columbia, ABC-Paramount, and United Artists.

It was the brother Roy O. Disney of Walt Disney who proposed that Walt Disney Productions (now the modern-day The Walt Disney Company) create their own record label.

Roy has recruited Jimmy Johnson, a former staffer, to lead this new branch.
It was renamed Walt Disney Records in 1989.

Around 1990, several youth-oriented acts like Parachute Express and Norman Foote were signed by Walt Disney Records.

Disney let these plays go for many years when they modified their policy to help the animation films, manufacture book and cassette bundles and compilations, and take advantage of the catalog.

In May 2000, as part of the “La Vida Mickey” album, Walt Disney Records signed the label’s first teen artist, Myra with her first single, “Magic Carpet Trip,” launched May 23, 2000.



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