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“Helpless Lyrics song” is the most popular song from Act 1 of those musical Hamilton, depending on the life span of Alexander Hamilton, which originated on Broadway in 2015.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the lyrics and music.


Information of Helpless lyrics Song of Hamilton:


Helpless Lyrics song focuses on the Love and Ultimate Marriage of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler.

Eliza is introduced through a chunk while the Army is stationed for the winter in 1780 in Morristown, held by her sister Angelica into Hamilton.

They begin Hamilton and a correspondence wastes no time in asking the dad of Eliza Philip Schuyler for his consent to marry.

Hamilton shares his worries regarding his orphanhood and shortage of wealth and station, but they are dismissed by Eliza and the tune finishes on the notes of their parade.


Style Of Helpless lyrics Song:

The Huffington Post described the song as”equal portions Cole Porter and Ja Rule, a candy Pop/R&B song” Phillipa Soo Stated that inspirations for your tune comprise Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Etta James.

Musical director Alex Lacamoire clarified”The Beyoncé mention is’Stressin’! We asked the women to deliver it.

” Slate stated the”large R&B love tune” drew inspiration from Beyoncé’s”Countdown” because of its”half-rapped, half-sung cadences,”

Based on NPR, the song also comes with a hip hop mention in the shape of a lyrical nod to Trina and Mannie Fresh’s tune”Da Club.”

GCAdvocate notes in”Satisfied,” Eliza’s”assertive, smart sister Angelica Schuyler raps and remixes”Helpless.”

The LA Times stated that the song had”the flair of Destiny’s Child.”

The Man-Eater also likens Eliza’s vocal stylings to”the design of Beyoncé.”


Response Of Helpless song:

GCAdvocate was amazed that”Soo’s insistent do’s from the pop tune foreshadows their wedding” that happens at the close of the song.

The Washington Post stated the tune was”a divinely refined girl-group remedy of Hamilton’s courtship of Eliza.”

The Conservative stated the tune is”a stunning tune where helplessness is a kid’s terror but also a lover’s rapture.”


Helpless Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song By: Hamilton
  • Written By: Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Gern: R&B, soul, show tune
  • Released Date: In 2015


HelpLess Lyrics By Hamilton:



Hey Hey Hey Hey

Oh, I Do I Do I Do I (Hey Hey Hey Hey)
Dooo! Hey! (Hey Hey Hey Hey)
Oh, I Do I Do I Do I (Hey Hey Hey Hey)
Dooo! Boy You Got Me (Hey Hey Hey)

Look Into Your Eyes, And The Sky’s The Limit
I’m Helpless!
Down For The Count, And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em

I Have Never Been The Type To Try And Grab The Spotlight
We Were At A Revel With Some Rebels On A Hot Night
Laughin’ At My Sister As She’s Dazzling The Room
Then You Walked In And My Heart Went “Boom!”
Tryin’ To Catch Your Eye From The Side Of The Ballroom
Everybody’s Dancin’ And The Band’s Top Volume

Grind To The Rhythm As We Wine And Dine

Grab My Sister And Whisper, “Yo, This One’s Mine” (Ooh)
My Sister Made Her Way Across The Room To You (Ooh)
And I Got Nervous, Thinking, “What’s She Gonna Do?” (Ooh)
She Grabs You By The Arm, I’m Thinkin’ “I’m Through” (Ooh)
Then You Look Back At Me, And Suddenly I’m…

Oh, Look At Those Eyes (Look Into Your Eyes, And The Sky’s The Limit)
Oh! Yeah, I’m Helpless, I Know
(Down For The Count And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em)
(I’m Helpless!)
I’m So Into You, I Am So Into You
(Look Into Your Eyes, And The Sky’s The Limit)
(I’m Helpless!)
I Know I’m Down For The Count And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em

Where Are You Taking Me?

I’m About To Change Your Life

Then By All Means, Lead The Way

Elizabeth Schuyler
It’s A Pleasure To Meet You


My Sister

Thank You For All Your Service

If It Takes Fighting A War For Us To Meet, It Will Have Been Worth It

I’ll Leave You To It

One Week Later

I’m Writin’ A Letter Nightly
Now My Life Gets Better, Every Letter That You Write Me
Laughin’ At My Sister, ‘Cause She Wants To Form A Harem

I’m Just Sayin’, If You Really Loved Me, You Would Share Him

Two Weeks Later In The Living Room Stressin’ (Stressin’)
My Father’s Stone-Faced While You’re Asking For His Blessin’ (Blessin’)
I’m Dying Inside, As You Wine And Dine
And I’m Tryin’ Not To Cry ‘Cause There’s Nothing That Your Mind Can’t Do (Ooh)

My Father Makes His Way Across The Room To You (Ooh)
I Panic For A Second, Thinking, “We’re Through” (Ooh)
But Then He Shakes Your Hand And Says, “Be True” (Ooh)
And You Turn Back To Me Smiling, And I’m…

(Look Into Your Eyes, And The Sky’s The Limit)
I’m Helpless, Hoo
(Down For The Count And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em I’m Helpless!)
Yes Mommy, That Boy Is Mine
(Look Into Your Eyes, And The Sky’s The Limit)
(I’m Helpless!)
Down For The Count And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em

Eliza, I Don’t Have A Dollar To My Name
An Acre Of Land, A Troop To Command, A Dollop Of Fame
All I Have’s My Honor, A Tolerance For Pain
A Couple Of College Credits And My Top-Notch Brain
Insane, Your Family Brings Out A Different Side Of Me
Peggy Confides In Me, Angelica Tried To Take A Bite Of Me
No Stress, My Love For You Is Never In Doubt
We’ll Get A Little Place In Harlem And We’ll Figure It Out
I’ve Been Livin’ Without A Family Since I Was A Child
My Father Left, My Mother Died, I Grew Up Buckwild
But I’ll Never Forget My Mother’s Face, That Was Real
And Long As I’m Alive, Eliza, Swear To God
You’ll Never Feel So…

{Helpless!} (I Do I Do I Do I Do!) Eliza…
{Helpless!} (I Do I Do I Do I Do!) I’ve Never Felt So
{Helpless!} (Hey, Yeah, Yeah!)
{Down For The Count And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em}
(Down For The Count And I’m)
My Life Is Gon’ Be Fine ‘Cause Eliza’s In It {Helpless!}
(I Look Into Your Eyes, And The Sky’s The Limit)
(I’m) {Helpless!}
{Down For The Count And I’m Drownin’ In ‘Em}

In New York You Can Be A New Man
In New York You Can Be A New Man
In New York You Can Be A New Man




Video Song Of Helpless Lyrics Video Song By hamilton ( Lyrical Video )



Helpless Lyrics PDF File 


About Hamilton Wait for It Song Best Creditor:

Helpless Lyrics Song Credit to Hamilton

Hamilton: An American Musical,
Inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, the series draws heavily from hip hop, in addition to R&B, soda, spirit, along with traditional-style show songs; also

it casts non-white celebrities as the Founding Fathers and other historical characters.

Miranda explained Hamilton as approximately” America afterward, as informed by America currently”.

From its launch, Hamilton received critical acclaim.

It triggered Off-Broadway on February 17, 2015, in the Public Theater, in which its several-month participation was sold outside; it won eight Drama Desk awards, such as Outstanding Musical.

It then moved to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway, starting on August 6, 2015, in which it received uniformly positive reviews and higher box office earnings.

In the 2016 Tony awards, Hamilton obtained a listing of 16 nominations and won 11 awards, such as Best Musical.

The Chicago creation of Hamilton began preview performances in the CIBC Theatre in September 2016 and started the next month.

The West End production started in the Victoria Palace Theatre at London in December 2017, winning seven Olivier awards in 2018, such as Best New Musical.

Background of Hamilton: Us. Musician:

While on Holiday from Acting in his Struck Broadway Series From the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda See a copy of the 2004 biography, Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow.

After completing the first couple of chapters, Miranda started to envision the life span of Hamilton as a musical, and

researched whether a stage musical of Hamilton’s life was created: everything he found was a drama of Hamilton’s narrative was completed on Broadway in 1917,

starring George Arliss as Alexander Hamilton. Miranda, so, started a project titled The Hamilton Mixtape.

Rather, he conducted the first tune from The Hamilton Mixtape, an early version of what will become”Alexander Hamilton”, Hamilton’s opening amount.

He spent annually then functioning on”My Fantasy”, yet another ancient number from the series.

Miranda performed at a workshop production of this series, then branded The Hamilton Mixtape, in the VassarReading Festival on July 27, 2013.

Critical ( Controvarcy ) Responce of Hamilton:

Marilyn Stasio, in her critique of this Off-Broadway creation for Variety, wrote, “The music is thrilling, but the lyrics are a major surprise.

The sense, in addition to the noise of the dialogue, was suited to every character. 

In the end, Miranda’s impassioned narrative of one person’s narrative becomes the collective story of a country, a country built by immigrants that sometimes have to be educated where they came out.

n his overview of this Off-Broadway creation, Jesse Green at New York wrote, “The battle between autonomy and interdependence isn’t simply the show’s topic but also its own method:

It attracts the sophistication of forming a marriage from disparate constituencies directly to your ears. … Few would be the theatergoers who are familiarized with all of Miranda’s touchstones.

Miranda is too knowledgeable (and enjoys his antecedents too much) to attempt to reevaluate all of the rules at the same time. … People duels, incidentally –there are just three of these –are superbly treated, the highlights of a riveting if sometimes overbusy staging by the manager Thomas Kail along with also the choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler.”

Although providing a favorable review, Elisabeth Vincentelli, of those New York Post (that was set by Hamilton himself), wrote that Hamilton and Burr’s love/hate connection” fails to induce the series –partially because Miranda lacks the charm and intensity of the man he describes”,

which”to a number of the amounts are exposition-heavy classes like this had been’Schoolhouse Rap!’

The series is filled with eye-glazing dull stretches, particularly those between George Washington.”

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