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Jocelyn Flores Lyrics is a song composed and played by American rapper XXXTentacion.

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It’s the 2nd single from his introduction studio record 17.

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Jocelyn Flores lyrics Song Information:

It had been delivered to encode radio on October 31, 2017, since the album’s next single.

The song is devoted to Jocelyn Amparo Flores, a 16-year-old woman who flew to Florida to meet XXXTentacion and afterward dedicated suicide throughout the holiday on May 13, 2017.

Background Of Jocelyn Flores Lyrics Song:

Flores’ death and life have been subject to both rumor and misinformation, which has been addressed with a September 2018 post on The Daily Beast.

XXXTentacion became infatuated with Flores later viewing her photos onto Twitter and communicated with her on May 1, 2017.

He encouraged her to his condition of Florida and hired her as a model for his Revenge clothing lineup and ancient reports wrongly state that she was a version and came in Florida only for work, but she hadn’t previously done this type work.

Another woman was staying with the rapper, also while he had been outside to attend his cousin’s prom, a purse containing $7,000 in money was raided; every woman blamed another.

Concerned that the pressure between the 2 guests could end in violence, XXXTentacion expelled women out of his residence XXXTentacion also dedicated the song”Revenge” into Flores soon after she died.

Flores’ relatives have had conflicting perspectives on using her title as the song’s name; a few have felt touched and admired while others felt strongly offended by XXXTentacion not requesting permission to use her title along with his refusal to reply to their messages.

Performance Of Jocelyn Flores Lyrics Song:

“Jocelyn Flores” entered at number 31 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and finally peaked at number 19 later his departure.

It debuted at number 56 on the UK Singles Chart, selling 5,998 units such as revenue and flows.

The tune also entered at number 14 on the UK R&B Chart, and number 2 over the UK Independent Chart.


Arrangement Of Jocelyn Flores Lyrics Song:

The song is built around a sample of manufacturer Potsu’s tune”I am Closing My Eyes”, including vocals in the Shiloh Dynasty.



About Jocelyn Flores Lyrics Song Singer XXXTentacion.

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, known as XXXTentacion, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.


Information Of XXXTentacion :

Birth Date / Place :
23 January 1998, Plantation, Florida, United States

Real Name:
Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

28 June 2018, The Gardens of Boca Raton – Cemetery & Funeral Services, Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Geneva Ayala; Jenesis Sanchez


5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)


XXXTentacion acquired a cult after one of his youthful fanbases throughout his brief career through his melancholy and alienation thematic driven songs.

He was credited by fans and critics for his musical flexibility, together with his music researching emo, snare, lo-fi, indie rock, nu-metal, hip hop, along with punk rock.

He began composing music after being discharged by a juvenile detention center and soon began his music career in SoundCloud in 2013, employing techniques and styles which were unconventional in rap songs, including distortion and hefty guitar-backed instrumentals drawing inspiration from third-wave emo and grunge.

In 2014he shaped the underground collective Members Only, and together with other members of this collective, he became a favorite place in SoundCloud rap, a snare music scene that takes components of lo-fi songs and unpleasant 808s.

Premeture Life Of XXXTentacion :

XXXTentacion said he’d Egyptian, Syrian, Indian, and also maybe Italian ancestry in a meeting The Beat in 2017. He had three sisters with just one being half, shared paternally.

XXXTentacion was largely raised by his grandmother Collette Jones because of his mother’s individual issues in Pompano Beach, Florida, and Lauderhill, Florida.

When Onfroy had been six years old, he tried to stab a guy trying to assault his mum and was finally put to a youth app before residing with his grandma.

XXXTentacion’s curiosity about songs originally began after his aunt persuaded him to start attending faculty choir and church choir. He was kicked out of their college choir after assaulting another student.

XXXTentacion attended Margate Middle School where he was afterward expelled after a collection of physical altercations.

He was then registered in Sheridan House Family Ministries with his mum for more than six months.

XXXTentacion started to obey nu-metal, hard stone and rap through his period in Sheridan House Family Ministries, which contributed to him to find out that the piano and guitar.

He described himself as a”misfit” during this time, mentioning how silent he had been popular and frequently involved in physical confrontations.

XXXTentacion wasn’t the athletic type also stated he was insecure and miserable during his period at high school.

Musical Life Of XXXTentacion :

XXXTentacion’s music researched a huge array of genres, such as emo, snare, lo-fi, indie rock, punk rock, nu-metal, along with hip hop.

When talking on his influencers, XXXTentacion explained, “I am actually into multi-genre things which are not only based around rapping itself.

I am more motivated by artists in different genres apart from rap.”

XXXTentacion as an artist was described as adaptable and his music was described as using a”lo-fi” aesthetic, being experimental and diverse, drawing influence from thick metallic.

His songs also have the propensity to contain twisted bass and also a “significant lack of polish.” Talking about this, XXXTentacion stated that the blatantly bad mixing his paths makes it”real”.

Some fans also have noticed his music has prompted lots of up-and-coming musicians, for example, Lil Pump and Trippie Redd, into directing similar aesthetics in their music.

Death Of XXXTentacion’s :

On June 18, 2018, Onfroy was departing the Riva Motorsports bicycle automobile in Deerfield Beach, Florida, also, in 3:56 p.m., was blocked by leaving the car park with the way of a shameful Dodge Journey SUV.

A brief struggle occurred, alongside the armed men achieved within Onfroy’s car, stole a small Louis Vuitton bag containing $50,000, and obtained Onfroy many events.

Onfroy’s departure was declared by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office at precisely 5:30 p.m. Suspect Dedrick Devonshay Williams of Pompano Beach was detained two days following the shooting, shortly before seven p.m. Held at the Broward County jail, he’s charged with first-degree murder without premeditation.

In the weeks after the case, three distinct individuals were detained for their activities involved in the event, such as activate guy Michael Boatwright.

Argument ( Contravarcy) Of XXXTentacion:

XXXTentacion’s individual history and life will also be noted as notable sections of the heritage.

A post in The Guardian explained his heritage in more critical provisions, saying that”e will be remembered mainly because of the remarkably cruel violence he dedicated to vulnerable individuals, especially his ex-girlfriend, crimes which he expressed remorse.”

According to the report, his songs” revealed a life lived with a discount for humanity, the two other people’s along with his own”; and seldom attempted to take part in bravado or bragging, rather than focusing on”emotional illness, suicide, intense misogyny, along with a prevailing sense of numbness.”

“Contrasting those elements of his heritage, the article confessed he spent his livelihood encouraging youthful lovers to recognize their higher value, XXXTentacion’s heritage is nonetheless characterized by the injury he experienced and caused.


Jocelyn Flores Lyrics Credits:

  • Song By: XXXTentacion’s
  • Written By: Jahseh OnfroyCiara Nicole Simms
  • Produced By: Potsu
  • Label: Bad Vibes Forever, Empire
  • Genre: Emo rap, hip hop, lo-fi, alternative rock
  • Released date: August 29, 2017


Best Lyrics By #xxxtentacion ( Jocelyn Flores Lyrics )



[Shiloh Dynasty:]
I Know You So Well, So Well
I Mean, I Can Do Anything That He Can
I’ve Been Pretty…

I Know You’re Somewhere, Somewhere
I’ve Been Trapped In My Mind, Girl, Just Holding On
I Don’t Wanna Pretend We’re Something, We’re Nothing
I’ve Been Stuck Thinking ‘Bout Her, I Can’t Hold On (I’ll Be Feeling)

I’m In Pain, Wanna Put Ten Shots In My Brain
I’ve Been Trippin’ ‘Bout Some Things, Can’t Change
Suicidal, Same Time I’m Tame
Picture This, In Bed, Get A Phone Call
Girl That You Fucked With Killed Herself
That Was This Summer When Nobody Helped
And Ever Since Then, Man, I Hate Myself
Wanna Fuckin’ End It, Pessimistic
All Wanna See Me With No Pot To Piss In
But Niggas Been Excited ‘Bout The Grave I’m Diggin’
Havin’ Conversations ‘Bout My Haste Decisions
Fuckin’ Sickenin’; At The Same Time
Memories Surface Through The Grapevine
‘Bout My Uncle Playin’ With A Slip Knot
Post-Traumatic Stress Got Me Fucked Up
Been Fucked Up Since The Couple Months They Had A Nigga Locked Up

I’ll Be Feelin’ Pain, I’ll Be Feelin’ Pain Just To Hold On
And I Don’t Feel The Same, I’m So Numb
I’ll Be Feelin’ Pain, I’ll Be Feelin’ Pain Just To Hold On
And I Don’t Feel The Same, I’m So Numb

[Shiloh Dynasty:]
I Know You So Well (I Know You, Girl)
I Mean, I Can Do Better Than He Can
I’ve Been Pretty…
I Know You So Well


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