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Midsummer Madness Lyrics: Best Song By #1 88Rising, Joji | The Rose Lyrics


Midsummer Madness lyrics” is a tune by musical collective 88rising, including Japanese singer Joji, Indonesian rapper Rich Brian, Chinese hip-hop team Higher Brothers, along with American singer AUGUST 08.

A music video to the song was released the exact same day.

The movie encircles around the 88rising collective at different points in time.

The collective is revealed dancing in a party while at exactly the exact same period, videos of their collective, both at the beach or throughout their period on tour, is shown to display highlights of this band’s time together.

A remix of this tune by KRANE premiered as one on 25 September 2018.


Midsummer Madness Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song By:  88 Rising, Joji
  • Written By: Brian Soewarno, George Miller, Maurice Powell
  • Produced By: August Grant, Rich Brian
  • Label: 88rising, 12Tone
  • Genre: R&B, Hip hop
  • Released Date: June 7, 2018


Midsummer Madness Lyrics



Last Night, I Lost All My Patience

You Were Fucked Up, I Was Wasted

Midsummer Madness

I Can’t Take It No More, No More

Fuck The Ru-U-U-Ules



Fuck The Ru-U-U-Ules



Make It Make Sense

Make It Make Sense, I

Can’t Hide A Heart In A Black Tint, I

You Were Off The Bullshit And The Tablets

Under 21, Both Savage

All These Blurry Nights Feel The Same To Me

Heart Full Of Hate, No Vacancy

Only One You Gonna To Blame When It’s Over

Can’t Look Me In My Eyes When You Sober

Hey, I’m The One You Call When You Feel Alone

Running Up A Check Just To Help You Cope

I Just Want To Live In The Moment

You Just Want To Fight Cause You Lonely

Tryna See A Milly Then Be Really Up

Rockstar Crash In My Bentley Truck

You Need All My Love

You’ve Got All The Love

Last Night, I Lost All My Patience

You Were Fucked Up, I Was Wasted

Midsummer Madness

I Can’t Take It No More, No More

Fuck The Ru-U-U-Ules



Fuck The Ru-U-U-Ules



Uh, Ayy, Ayy, Uh

Been A Minute Since I Heard You Wanna Stay As Friends

I’ll Learn From My Mistakes, You Make Me Want To Learn Again

I Don’t Really See The Problem, It’s A Risk I Wanna Take

You Say “Let’s See Where It Goes” But I Don’t Really Wanna Wait

Ayy, Look And Listen Up

You’ve Been Smiling When We Fuck

Let’s Not Even Think About It, We Ain’t Gotta Talk A Lot

Make It Hotter Than The Summer, I’ll Stay With You When It’s Not

Put The Slow Jams On, I Wanna See You Make It Pop, Ayy

Moving All Around The Bed Like We Just Toss And Turn, Ayy

Playin’ With The Fire, I Don’t Care If I Get Burned, Ayy

I’ma Treat You Good Like You’ve Been Waiting For Your Turn, Ayy

Nothing In The Universe Feel Better Than Your Tongue, Ayy

‘Bout To Go Home, I Know You Finna Come With

I’m Playing These Games Like A Pimp On The Strip

Conversations Late Night About How We Gonna Live

I Don’t Got The Answer To It, All I’m Finna Say Is…

Fuck The Ru-U-U-Ules



Fuck The Ru-U-U-Ules (Ayy, Gang, Gang)

Ru-U-U-Ules (Ayy, Gang, Gang)

Ru-U-U-U-Oh (Yeah)

當光灑進了 White Porsche

I Never Felt So Good

Call Me Dj Knowknow, Oh-Oh No






Fuck The Rules

距離不是問題, I Know


She Lookin’ So Pretty, I Wanted A Kiss

把beautiful Memories 存入我的iphone X

I,I,I Hope 24 Hours Can Become 48

看日落 粉的天 有藍月亮陪

想要擁抱 你在我需要前給


Sunny Gone, I Don’t Care, You’re My Sunshine Babe

I Don’t Feel Control

Better On My Own

I’m Used To Being So Gone For Way Too Long

Long, Long, Long

Rules, Rules, Rules

Rules, Rules, Rules



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Midsummer Madness Lyrics PDF FIle


Midsummer Madness Lyrics Song Singer Joji:

Joji Full Name is George Kusunoki MillerHis Born On September 18, 1992. his Japanese Writer-Producer.

Miller’s beginning as an entertainer started on his 3 now-defunct YouTube stations: DizastaMusic, TVFilthyFrank, and TooDamnFilthy. 

They consisted of rap tunes, swearing, rants, intense struggles, ukulele performances, along with a shock comedy series titled The Filthy Frank Show,

with the majority of the primary characters played with Miller, including the titular character of Filthy Frank. 

To match his TVFilthyFrank station, Miller made humor hip hop songs under his Pink Guy alias, who’s also a zentai-sporting recurring character on The Filthy Frank Show, together with his tunes featured on the series and his discography crossing two full-scale projects and an elongated play. 

Miller’s movies had a widespread effect, such as beginning a viral dancing craze called the Harlem Shake, which was responsible for the introduction of Baauer’s”Harlem Shake” tune Round the Billboard Hot 100.

 Many YouTube characters have produced significant or cameo looks on The Filthy Frank Show, such as h3h3Productions, iDubbbz, JonTron, Michael Stevens, along with PewDiePie.

Back in December 2017, Miller said he’d retired the station to concentrate on his music career, below the title Joji, making more nuanced and intense songs, releasing the EP At Tongues, that appeared at number 58 on the Billboard 200, along with his debut studio album Ballads 1, that reached number 1 on Billboard’s top R&B and hip-hop graph at November 2018. 

For this, Miller became the primary Asian-born artist to achieve that. 

Miller’s music has been described as a combination of R&B, lo-fi, and trip jump.


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