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Only You Freestyle Lyrics : Best Song By #1 Headie One & Drake


This Song is released on Jully 20, 2020. Only You Freestyle Lyrics Song Singing By Headie One & Drake In United States.



Information Of Only You Freestyle:

Background Of Only You Freestyle Lyrics:


The tune was declared and teased the afternoon before launch via societal media by both artists.

Commenting on the alliance, Drake said: “I needed to really go hard, particularly on a course with a few of the greatest drill artists on earth.

Scratch that–the very best drill artist on earth.

“Just You Freestyle” is a UK drill monitor made by M1onthebeat, who”provides the group an eerie background laden with dry 808s and lurching bass to allow them to provide their barrage of crud talk and bravado.”


Peopal Response:

Sophisticated complimented the creation from M1onthebeat, writing the manufacturer”utilizes just a few important elements to enormous impact –ethereal vocal stability,

 a few clicking 808s there and also a shuddering bass throughout–it all coming together to get a mood that is cinematic and grand in its extent.

Like all fantastic drill instrumentals, however, the vital part is the fact that it holds back just enough to allow the bars to require the limelight.”


Only You Freestyle Lyrics Song Credits:


  • Song By: Headie One & Drake
  • Written By: Aubrey Graham, Irving Adjei
  • Produced By:     M1onthebeat
  • Label:    Relentless, OVO
  • Gerne: UK drill
  • Released date: Jully 20, 2020


Only You Freestyle Lyrics:









Again And Again, Again And Again



Chubbs Might Jam This Yute For A Chain

And Give It To A Sweet One, Called That Maya Jama

Givin’ Out Gifts Like Santa, Sippin’ On Sanna

Used To Do Lean And Wock’

Closet Filled Up With Designer, Comin’ Like Panda, Panda

Yeah, Gyal Just Came To The Booth And Asked For A Wheel

She Never Heard Drill In Atlanta

Arabic Ting Told Me That I Look Like Youssef, Look Like Hamza

Habibti Please, Ana Akeed, Inti Wa Ana Ahla

With Pop Skull In Gaza, But Not That Gaza, But Still It’s A Mazza

Niggas Want Peace Like Cassava

But We Let Bridge Dem Burn Like Grabba


Four In The Cliz And One In The Headie

Hand No Shake, Man, Hold That Steady

You Man Love Pose With The Ting For The Picture

You Man Shoulda Buss That Ting Already

You Man Love Hezi’, Hezi’

Yeah, Can’t Back Chat To The Prezi’

Know When The Beef Just Taste Like Veggie?

Gyal Go Ritz For The Mani-Pedi

CC Bag Look Nice, But The Birkin Bag Look Way More Heavy

That’s Just A Big Gyal Ting, Man, You Get Me?

Raemi Just Turned Mommy, And That’s My Sis, So I Just Turned Abti

Fan Mail Came To The Crib From A Yute That Loves Me, I Swear That Touched Me

I Never Even Drive No Whips I Own, So They All Look Way Too Dusty

If Me And Gallest Go St. Michael, The Gyal Come Way Too Fussy, Crushy

Man Said They Would Do This And That, But The Man Wasn’t Really That Wassi, Was He?

Nah, Nah, Nah, The Man Wasn’t Really That What?

One-Nine-Four-Two Hits My System, Man Get Way Too Frosty, Buzzy

Girls From The Past That Lost Me Love Me

Same Ones There That Crossed Me, Cuss Me

Everything Come Full Circle, Word To The Boss Above Me

Slow Stroking ‘Cause The Bamski Way Too Big, My Gyal Don’t Rush Me


Don’t Make Me Have To Rise My Rifle

Man Try Send Some Young Boys For Me, Don’t Make Me Have To Ride By High School

Shit You Man Been Droppin’ Lately, Don’t Make Me Have To Fly My Itunes

So Much People Buy Into My Hype, Don’t Make Me Have To Buy My Hype Too

Dealt With The Big Homie Already, Don’t Make Me Have To Side-By-Side You

Nuff Times He Tried To Hide Behind You

Amnesia But When I Remind You

I’m Touchin’ Road And I Can’t Find You

Word To The M-O-B I’m Tied To

I’m Givin’ Up When I Decide To, Gee


Suh-Suh-Suh (OFB, OFB)


Suh-Suh, Suh-Suh-Suh-Suh (One)

[Verse 2: Headie One]

Oh, How We Hate Leggies (Suh-Suh)

How Much Points Have The Gang Got? Many (One)

Didn’t Ever Have To Rise That Dots

It Was Just Under My Bed And Ready (Turn)

Bro-Bro Chinged Up An Opp

Boy, I Swear He Got Chinged Already (They Told Me Turn, Uh)

That Next One Thought He Was Boss

Then He Got Shot, Nathan Tettey (They Told Me Turn)

Got This Bad B, Ohene (Turn, Turn)

My Next One From Yard Love Reggae (Shawty)

We Dishin’ Out Store And Telly

Then We In France Balling Out, Trezeguet (One)

She Look Sexy Sippin’ On Henny

My Prawns Grilled And My Pasta Penne (Suh, Suh, Suh, Suh, Suh, Suh, Suh-Suh-Suh-Suh)

She Give Headie, Headie

My Tracksuit Louis, Now Covered In Fenty

Used To Put The Light In The Cling

And It Still Didn’t Stop It Smellin’ Like Petty (Turn)

Put A Dark In The Blue, Then We Put It In The Red, Balotelli

Them Times It Was M Way (What?)

I Mean M Way, T House, M Way (Huh?)

Now It’s Penty, Uptown Penty (Huh?)

Bentley, Range, Then Bentley (One)

Have You Ever Had Your Pockets Empty? (Turn)

But Still Found The Bread To Afford A Trenton? (Turn, Turn, Turn)

Six Litres Flying Through Epsom (Turn, Turn, Turn)

I Swear I’ve Seen Life From Both Perspectives (They Told Me Turn, Uh)

That Spot So Far Upsuh, En-Route, Got No Connection (Told Me Turn)

I Done Run Through So Much Scottish Notes

Couldn’t Care ‘Bout No Recession (One)

I Still Get One Jail Call From Boogie

Judge Gave Him Twenty Years Straight, It Moved Me

CPS Murder In The Dock Like Rupert (Suh, Suh, Suh, Suh)

Cah Lil’ Bro Went And Dun Him So Ruthless

Got This Cutie, She Half-Cuban

Probably Why She Like Playin’ With The Cuban (Turn)

Say She Like Chillin’ With The Ooters, Booters

Eating Uptown All Suited Booted, Booted, Booted (Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn)

They Wasn’t With Us When The Jeans Were Bootleg

Put In That Work, We Ain’t Never Been Spoon-Fed (Turn)

Comin’ For The Jungle, You Know Where The Zoo Is (They Told Me Turn, Uh)

Four-Four Or The Three-Two Auto Bells, It’s A Toothpick (Told Me Turn)

No Rap Cap, We Just Speak What The Truth Is (Told Me Turn, Uh)

Lord Forgive Them, They Don’t Know What They’re Doing (Told Me Turn)

Shotgun, Open The Hatch, I Put Two In

Still Ain’t Forgot How It Feels To Be Losin’ (They Told Me Turn, Uh)

They Thought It Was Permanent, Found It Amusin’

Now This Drip On Me Like I’m Canoein’

Time Just Flyin’ (One)

I’m Just Tryna Take This Live Ting To My Juvies, Juvies (Suh-Suh-Suh)

So The Beef Is Fryin’

They Ain’t Tryna Stop Slidin’, Toosie, Toosie


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Only You Freestyle Lyrics PDF File


About  Only You Freestyle Lyrics Song  singer Headie One:

About  Only You Freestyle Lyrics Song  singer Headie One

In 2018, he published the mixtape The 1; it comprised the only”Know Better” featuring rapper RV,

which turned into an”underground strike”.

His NetWorth Is $665 K.

Headie One is famous for his track”18Hunna”, which peaked at number six to the UK Singles Chart and attributes Dave.

He’s published seven mixtapes – four solos, and three with fellow rapper RV.

In 2019, Headie One introduced his first and seventh mainstream mixtape Music x-ray Road which peaked at number five to the UK Albums Chart.

Adjei started releasing music in the early 2010s beneath the title Headz, including within a group called Star Gang.

In 2014 he published his just mixtape under that alias, branded Headz or Tails. 

Together they formed a part of OFB, a UK drill team based at the Broadwater Farm estate. In February 2018he published his second solo mixtape as Headie One, titled The 1.

This comprised”Know Better” using RV, which turned into an”underground strike”.

This was his very first launch that was signed into Relentless Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music.

In May he had been showcased on”Missing”, a Belly Squad monitor that peaked at number 84 on the UK Singles Chart.

 In November he played on his very first nationwide UK tour.


About  Only You Freestyle Lyrics Song  singer Drake :

A notable figure in popular audio, Drake is credited for popularizing the Toronto audio into the audio market.


About  Only You Freestyle Lyrics Song  singer Drake

He gained fame as a performer on the adolescent drama television show Degrassi:

The Next Generation in the 2000s; intent on pursuing a career in music, he left the show in 2007 after releasing his debut mixtape Space for Development.

He published two additional separate endeavors, Comeback Season and So Far Gone, prior to registering Young Money Entertainment in June 2009. As an entrepreneur,

Drake launched the OVO Sound record tag with longtime collaborator 40 in 2012.

In 2016, Drake was declared as the new”international ambassador” for its Toronto Raptors, thus linking the executive director of this NBA franchise.

At precisely the exact same year, Drake declared his advancement using American entrepreneur Brent Hocking of those bourbon whiskey Virginia Black; it finally broke sale recordings in Canada. In 2018,

Drake was allegedly in charge of 5 percent ($440 million) of Toronto’s $8.8 billion total yearly tourism earnings. One of the planet’s best-selling songs artists, with over 170 million albums sold,

Drake is rated as the world’s highest-certified digital singles artist from the RIAA.

He’s won four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, an album 27 Billboard Music Awards,

two Brit awards, and three Juno awards. Drake also holds a few Billboard graph records; he’s the very top 10 hits the Billboard Hot 100,

the many charted songs (209) of some artists in the background of this Billboard Hot 100, the many concurrently charted Hot 100 tunes in one week (27), the most time on the Hot 100 (431 months ), along with also the hottest 100 debuts at weekly (22).


See You Again



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