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Passionfruit Lyrics: Best Song By #1 Drake

 “Passionfruit Lyrics” is a tune recorded by Canadian artist Drake from his playlist mixtape, More Life (2017).

The tune was composed by Drake along with British producer and songwriter Nana Rogues, also contains added vocals from Zoë Kravitz.

“Passionfruit Lyrics” premiered on March 28, 2017, since the 2nd single released from More Life later”Fake Love”.

It’s Been coated by Mabel, Benny Sings, Yaeji, Paramore, Cornelius, John Mayer, and Ben Tankard.

“Passionfruit Lyrical Song” was distinguished as a tropical home, R&B, soda, and dancehall.

It’s done from the key of G♯ small at a common time using a speed of 112 beats per minute.

Drake’s vocals length from F♯two into G♯3.

Passionfruit entered the top ten of the graphs in Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, the Uk, and the USA.

In Drake’s native Canada, it debuted at number two on the Canadian Sexy 100 supporting Ed Sheeran’s”Form of You”.


Passionfruit Lyrics Credits:

  • Song By:  Drake
  • Written By: Aubrey Drake Graham, Nana Rogues
  • Produced By: Nana Rogues
  • label: Cash Money, Young Money
  • gerne:   Tropical house, R&B, pop, dancehall
  • Released date: March 28, 2017


Passionfruit Lyrics ( Drake)



Hold On, Hold On, Fuck That

Fuck That Shit

Hold On, I Got To Start This Mothafuckin’ Record Over Again, Wait A Minute

Fuck That Shit

Still On This Mothafuckin’ Record

I’ma Play This Mothafucka For Y’all

Ay, Y’all Get Some More Drinks Goin’ On, I’ll Sound A Whole Lot Better

Listen, Seeing You Got Ritualistic

Cleansin’ My Soul Of Addiction For Now

Cause I’m Fallin’ Apart

Yeah, Tension Between Us Just Like Picket Fences

You Got Issues That I Won’t Mention For Now

Cause We’re Fallin’ Apart

Passionate From Miles Away

Passive With The Things You Say

Passin’ Up On My Old Ways

I Can’t Blame You, No, No

Passionate From Miles Away

Passive With The Things You Say

Passin’ Up On My Old Ways

I Can’t Blame You, No, No

Listen, Hard At Buildin’ Trust From A Distance

I Think We Should Rule Out Commitment For Now

Cause We’re Fallin’ Apart

Leavin’, You’re Just Doing That To Get Even

Don’t Pick Up The Pieces, Just Leave It For Now

They Keep Fallin’ Apart

Passionate From Miles Away

Passive With The Things You Say

Passin’ Up On My Old Ways

I Can’t Blame You, No, No

Passionate From Miles Away

Passive With The Things You Say

Passin’ Up On My Old Ways

I Can’t Blame You, No, No

Trying To Think Of The Right Thing To Say


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Passionfruit Lyrics PDF File


About Passionfruit Lyrics Song Canadian Singer # Drake:

A notable figure in popular audio, Drake is credited for popularizing the Toronto audio into the audio market.

Passionfruit Lyrics Song Canadian Singer # Drake Lyrics Song  singer Drake

He gained fame as a performer on the adolescent drama television show Degrassi:

The Next Generation in the 2000s; intent on pursuing a career in music, he left the show in 2007 after releasing his debut mixtape Space for Development.

He published two additional separate endeavors, Comeback Season and So Far Gone, prior to registering Young Money Entertainment in June 2009. As an entrepreneur,

Drake launched the OVO Sound record tag with longtime collaborator 40 in 2012.

In 2016, Drake was declared as the new”international ambassador” for its Toronto Raptors, thus linking the executive director of this NBA franchise.

At precisely the exact same year, Drake declared his advancement using American entrepreneur Brent Hocking of those bourbon whiskey Virginia Black; it finally broke sale recordings in Canada. In 2018,

Drake was allegedly in charge of 5 percent ($440 million) of Toronto’s $8.8 billion total yearly tourism earnings. One of the planet’s best-selling songs artists, with over 170 million albums sold.

Drake is rated as the world’s highest-certified digital singles artist from the RIAA.

He’s won four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, an album 27 Billboard Music Awards,

two Brit awards, and three Juno awards. Drake also holds a few Billboard graph records; he’s the very top 10 hits the Billboard Hot 100,

the many charted songs (209) of some artists in the background of this Billboard Hot 100, the many concurrently charted Hot 100 tunes in one week (27), the most time on the Hot 100 (431 months ), along with also the hottest 100 debuts at weekly (22).


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