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“Say It Ain’t So Lyrics Song ” is a song by the American stone ring Weezer.

It had been released as the next and final single from the group’s self-titled 1994 debut album.

Composed by frontman Rivers Cuomo, the tune was after he had all of the music completed and one lineup.

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Say It ain’t so lyrics Song Information:

“Say it ai not overly Lyrics Song”. Cuomo made a link to an incident in high school where he arrived home and watched a bottle of beer from the refrigerator.

He considered his mother and dad’s marriage ended because his dad was an alcoholic and this made him dread the union between his mom and step-father would finish this way too.

Pitchfork Media comprised the song at number 10 on its own Top 200 Tracks of the 90s.

“Say It Ain’t So” is a working monitor from the movie games Rock Band and Rocksmith 2014 along with appearing on an episode of Hindsight.


Song Arrangement Of Say it ai not overly Lyrics Song:

“Say It Ain’t So Lyrics Song ” is an alternative stone and emo tune that lasts a length of four minutes and eighteen minutes.

As stated by the sheet music released at Musicnotes.com from Hal Leonard Music, it’s composed in the time signature of all common time, using a moderate stone tempo of 76 beats each minute.

“Say It Ain’t So Lyrics Song ” consists of the key of C sharp little (C♯m), while Rivers Cuomo’s vocal array spans one octave, by the low-note of B♭3 into the high-note of B♭5.

The tune includes a fundamental arrangement of C♯m7–G♯include ♯9–A♭–E♭ from the verses and interludes, adjustments into C♯5–Alpha ♯5–A5–E5 in the chorus and follows B5–B♭maj7–A♯–E5–G5 throughout the bridge because of its chord development.


Song Combination Of Say it ai not overly Lyrics Song:

Two mixes of this song exist.

The first record pressings had a combination with slightly different sounding drums, bass without a guitar opinion.

But once the group released the single, the combination that retained the guitar opinions from the tune has been used.

The group enjoyed this combination so much that the members requested this to replace the model on the record, following the album had sold 3 million copies.

The record currently offers the model with all the comments. The deluxe version features both combinations.


Song Covers Of Say it ai not overly Lyrics Song:

The Group Further Seems Forever covered the Tune on the Weezer tribute Record Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer.

Asher Roth sampled the tune because of his debut rap single”I Love College”.

Following the song leaked on the internet, Rivers Cuomo allegedly denied to apparent sample, that prompted Roth to introduction a remixed version of his tune because of his official debut only.

Foster The People also covered the tune in August 2011, after Weezer did a variation of”Pumped Up Kicks”.

Chiptune artist Inverse Stage parodied the tune on a Commodore 64, titling it”Say It Ain’t Sixty-FO” Calpurnia covered the tune to get Spotify’s Under Cover podcast at 2018.


Say It ain’t so lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song BY: Weezer
  • Written By: Rivers Cuomo
  • Produced By: Ric Ocasek
  • Label: DGC
  • Genre: Alternative rock, emo
  • Released Date: July 13, 1995



Best Lyrics By #Weezer ( Say It ain’t so lyrics) :



Oh Yeah

Somebody’s Heine’
Is Crowdin’ My Icebox
Somebody’s Cold One
Is Givin’ Me Chills
Guess I’ll Just Close My Eyes

Oh Yeah
Feels Good

Flip On The Tele
Wrestle With Jimmy
Something Is Bubbling
Behind My Back
The Bottle Is Ready To Blow

Say It Ain’t So
Your Drug Is A Heart-Breaker
Say It Ain’t So
My Love Is A Life-Taker

I Can’t Confront You
I Never Could Do
That Which Might Hurt You
So Try And Be Cool
When I Say
This Way Is A Water-Slide Away From Me
That Takes You Further Every Day
So Be Cool

Say It Ain’t So
Your Drug Is A Heart-Breaker
Say It Ain’t So
My Love Is A Life-Taker

Dear Daddy
I Write You In Spite Of Years Of Silence
You’ve Cleaned Up, Found Jesus, Things Are Good Or So I Hear
This Bottle Of Stephen’s Awakens Ancient Feelings
Like Father, Stepfather, The Son Is Drowning In The Flood
Yeah, Yeah-Yeah, Yeah-Yeah

Say It Ain’t So
Your Drug Is A Heart-Breaker
Say It Ain’t So
My Love Is A Life-Taker


Video Song Is Say It Ain’t So Lyrics Song  ( Lyrical Video )



Do You Know to Say it ai not overly Lyrics Song Singer Weezer? If You Say No Than Understand Him Who is He.

Weezer is an American rock group formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1992.

Since 2001, the group has consisted of Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner.

Say it ai not overly Lyrics Song Singer Weezer

After signing to Geffen Records in 1993, Weezer published its self-titled debut record, also called the Blue Album, in 1994.

Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States (1992)

Members: Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp, Scott Shriner, Mikey Welsh, Jason Cropper

Genres: Option Stone, Power Soda, Pop Stone, Pop punk, Geek Rock, Emo
After registering to Geffen Records in 1993, Weezer published its self-titled debut record, also referred to as the Blue Album, in 1994.

Pinkerton 1996Is Weezar Second album.

The Blue Album and Pinkerton are frequently cited as one of the top albums of the 1990s.

After the excursion for Pinkerton, bassist Matt Sharp abandoned the ring and Weezer went on hiatus.

Back in 2001, Weezer returned together with all the Green Album, using new bassist Mikey Welsh. Having a more pop sound, also encouraged by singles”Hash Pipe” and”Island in sunlight “, the record was a commercial success and received largely positive reviews.

Following the Green Album excursion, Welsh abandoned the band and has been replaced by Shriner. Weezer’s fourth record, Maladroit (2002), attained largely positive reviews, however poorer earnings.

Create Believe (2005) received mixed reviews, but its “Beverly Hills” became Weezer’s first single to top the US Modern Rock Tracks graph and also the first to make it to the top ten to the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2008, Weezer published the Red Album, including”TR-808s, synths, Southern rap, also baroque counterpoint”.

Raditude (2009) and Hurley (2010) featured more”contemporary pop creation” and tunes co-written along with different musicians, attained additional mixed reviews and moderate earnings.

The group’s tenth and ninth books, Everything Will Be all right at the End (2014) and the White Album (2016) returned into a stone design and achieved more favorable testimonials.

Their eleventh record, Pacific Daydream (2017), showcased a more mainstream pop sound. Weezer has offered 10.2 million records in America and over 35 million globally.

Contribution Of Weezer:

Back in 1999, Weezer donated a cover of this song”Velouria” by The Pixies into the tribute album Where’s My Head? On July 22, 2003,

Weezer donated an acoustic cover of Green Day’s”Worry Rock” into the compilation record A Different Shade of Green: A Tribute to Green Day.

On December 4, 2008, iOS programmer Tapulous introduced the match Christmas using Weezer, including gameplay very similar to Harness Harness Revenge and six Christmas carols played by the group.

An electronic EP featuring the tunes, titled Christmas with Weezer, was also published on December 16, 2008. And played the song”All My Friends Are Insects”. Music is. .Awesome! Volume two, in addition to a bonus track for the Weezer record Hurley’.

Though technically unofficial, the tune was adopted by the group, and on June 23, 2010, US Soccer published a music video in their official YouTube station featuring striking footage of this US team spliced with footage of Weezer acting.

In 2010, the group recorded a cover of”I am a Believer” for your film Shrek Forever After.

Formerly, Weezer had intended to incorporate an early version of”My very best Friend” from Create Belief at Shrek 2, however, it had been rejected as a result of tune sounding”a lot like it had been composed for Shrek”.

In 2011, the group covered”You Might Believe ” by The Cars for your Pixar film Automobiles 2.

The tune appears on the film’s official soundtrack. In 2011, Weezer recorded a list of”Rainbow Link ” using Hayley Williams for Muppets: The Green Album, a cover record of Muppets tunes which also contained OK Move, The Fray, along with other modern musicians.

Work And SIde Project Weezer :

Patrick Wilson began his side-project the Special Goodness in 1996, where he sings and plays bass and guitar.

In May 2012, he published his fourth album together with the particular Goodness, qualified Organic.

In 2006, Bell began a brand new band known as the Dating and didn’t contribute some songs for Weezer’s Raditude so as to conserve stuff for your Relationship.

The Relationship’s self-titled introduction was released in 2010, using a followup, Clara Obscura, published in 2017. Former bassist Matt Sharp began that the Rentals in 1994.

After releasing Return of the Rentals in 1995, Sharp proceeded to stop Weezer in 1998 to concentrate more on the Rentals. Sharp has also published work under his own name.


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