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Shrike Lyrics: Best Song By #1 Hozier | The Rose

Shrike Lyrics Song Singing By Irish Singer Hozier.

This Song Is famous In Irish Country.

Shrike Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song By: Hozier
  • Album: Wasteland, Baby!
  • gerne: Alternative/Indie
  • Released date: 2019


Hozier Song Shrike Lyrics


I Couldn’t Utter My Love When It Counted

Ah, But I’m Singing Like A Bird ‘Bout It Now

And I Couldn’t Whisper When You Needed It Shouted

Ah, But I’m Singing Like A Bird ‘Bout It Now

The Words Hung Above

But Never Would Form

Like A Cry At The Final Breath That Is Drawn

Remember Me Love When I’m Reborn

As The Shrike To Your Sharp

And Glorious Thorn

And I Had No Idea On What Ground I Was Founded

All Of That Goodness Is Going With You Now

Then When I Met You, My Virtues Uncounted

All Of My Goodness Is Going With You Now

Dragging Along

Following Your Form

Hung Like The Pelt Of Some Prey You Had Worn

Remember Me Love When I’m Reborn

As The Shrike To Your Sharp

And Glorious Thorn

I Fled To The City With So Much Discounted

Ah, But I’m Flying Like A Bird To You Now

Back To The Hedgerows Where Bodies Are Mounted

Ah, But I’m Flying Like A Bird To You Now

I Was Housed By Your Warmth

But I Was Transformed

By Your Grounded And Giving

And Darkening Scorn

Remember Me Love When I’m Reborn

As The Shrike To Your Sharp

And Glorious Thorn


Video Song Shrike lyrics Song:

Wait For Few Seconds.



Shrike lyrics PDF FILE


About Shrike lyrics Song Singer Hozier :

Hozier Full Name is Andrew John Hozier-Byrne. His Born on March 17, 1990.

His Song Writer, Musician.

Shrike lyrics Song Singer Hozier

In 2013, he published his debut EP, including the single”Take Me Church”.

His introduction studio record, published in 2014, topped the charts in Ireland and scored the top ten places on international graphs.

It’s been licensed 6× platinum in Ireland and multi-platinum in many nations.

Then he embarked on an American and a European tour to support the record.

Back in September 2018, Hozier published an EP, titled Nina Cried Power, including the title track as one.

He released his next record, Wasteland, Baby! , in March 2019. It surfaced under the US Billboard 200 and has been accompanied by a tour to market.


Premeture Life Of Hozier:

Hozier’s dad, John Byrne, is a neighborhood blues drummer whose day job was working in a bank while his mom, Raine Hozier-Byrne, is an artist.

Though his family was Catholic, Hozier along with also his brother, Jon, were increased in the Quaker religion. He identifies as agnostic.

While he confessed in 2019 he seldom attends church except for funerals and weddings, Hozier admires the Quaker faith for its pacifism and its own anti-war sentiment.

He’s said that he’s particularly interested in how folks use religious institutions to maintain”infallibility” to be able to get power and control over others.

1 positive lesson that he learned from his spiritual upbringing, nevertheless, would be to”search to the spark of the divine in each single” and”treat everyone” as if you’re checking to”the brain and face of God.”

On another note, Hozier self-identified as a”class clown” and also an”unfocused pupil,” calling the college a”dull nightmare” Hozier was writing songs since age 15. 

He had been denied a year’s deferral from the school after missing examinations to record demos to get a music tag.


Hozier Song Give Masages To peopal:

The”Take Me to Church” music video includes two guys in a same-sex relationship, also highlights the injustices and violence committed against members of their LGBT community.

The music video to its tune”Cherry Wine” premiered to increase awareness of domestic violence.

The tune itself was supposed to be a”thank you for the spirit and heritage of demonstration.”

The music video includes Irish activists alongside demonstration footage.”Be” also includes several allusions to sea-level increase and refugee crises.

Additionally, this is a reference to US President Donald Trump, who before his presidential effort was known for shooting folks on his reality TV series The Apprentice.




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