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Somebody to Love Lyrics is a song from the British stone group Queen, composed by the lead singer/pianist Freddie Mercury.


Information Of Somebody to Love Lyrics Song:

It debuted to the group’s 1976 album A Day at the Races and appears in their 1981 compilation record Greatest Hits.

The tune has similarities to Queen’s earlier hit”Bohemian Rhapsody” using its intricate harmonies and guitar solos; nonetheless, rather than mimicking a British choir, the group turned into a gospel choir. 

The tune showed that”Queen can swing as hard as it might rock, by directing the spirit of gospel music”.Composed by Mercury in the piano, “Someone to Love” is a soul-searching bit that questions God’s function in a life without love.

Through voice layering methods, Queen managed to produce the soulful sound of a 100-voice choir from three sisters: Mercury, Brian May, also Roger Taylor.

 John Deacon didn’t sing backing vocals on the listed record.

Mercury’s fascination and admiration for Aretha Franklin have been a significant influence on the development of the tune.


Background Of this Song:

Much like”Bohemian Rhapsody”, the significant hit from Queen’s preceding album A Night at the Opera (1975), “Somebody to Love lyrics ” includes an intricate tune and deep layering of vocal tracks, now according to a gospel choir arrangement.

This was the first single from A Day at the Races, on which Mercury, May, and Taylor multitracked their voices to produce the feeling of a 100-voice gospel choir.

The lyrics, particularly together with the gospel influence, produce a song about religion, despair, and soul-searching; the singer queries the dearth of love experienced in his lifetime and the character and presence of God.

This can be reinforced by the regular usage of term painting.

Remaining authentic to Queen’s guitar-driven design, it was filled with intricate harmonies and a renowned guitar by May, and it went to #2 at the UK Singles Chart and #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the U.S.


Somebody to Love lyrics Song credit:

  • Song By: Queen
  • Composed By: Freddie Mercury
  • produced By: Queen
  • Label: EMI, Elektra, Tonpress
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released date: November 12, 1976


Somebody to Love lyrics  ( Queen )



Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

Each Morning I Get Up I Die A Little

Can Barely Stand On My Feet

(Take A Look At Yourself)

Take A Look In The Mirror And Cry

Lord, What You’re Doing To Me

I Have Spent All My Years In Believing You

But I Just Can’t Get No Relief, Lord!

Somebody (Somebody), Somebody (Somebody)

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

I Work Hard (He Works Hard) Every Day Of My Life

I Work ‘Til I Ache My Bones

At The End (At The End Of The Day) I Take Home (Takes Home) My Hard-Earned Pay All

(Goes Home On His Own) On My Own

I Go Down (Down) On My Knees (Knees)

And I Start To Pray (Praise The Lord)

‘Til The Tears Run Down From My Eyes

Lord, Somebody (Somebody), Somebody (Please)

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

(He Works Hard) Everyday (Everyday)

I Try, And I Try, And I Try

But Everybody Wants To Put Me Down

They Say I’m Goin’ Crazy

They Say I Got A Lot Of Water In My Brain

I Got No Common Sense (He’s Got)

I Got Nobody Left To Believe In

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Oh, Lord

Somebody (Somebody), Somebody (Somebody)

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

(Can Anybody Find Me Someone To Love)

Got No Feel, I Got No Rhythm

I Just Keep Losing My Beat (You Just Keep Losing And Losing)

I’m OK, I’m Alright (He’s Alright, He’s Alright)

I Ain’t Gonna Face No Defeat

I Just Gotta Get Out Of This Prison Cell

One Day (Someday) I’m Gonna Be Free, Lord!

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Find Me, Find Me

(Find Me Somebody To Love)


(Find Me Somebody To Love)

(Find Me Somebody To Love, Love, Love)

Find Me, Find Me

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Somebody To Love

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

(Somebody, Somebody, Somebody, Somebody)

(Somebody Find Me, Somebody Find Me Somebody To Love)

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Find Me, Somebody, Somebody

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Somebody, Somebody To Love

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Find Me, Find Me, Find Me, Find Me, Find Me

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Ooh, Somebody To Love

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Find Me, Find Me, Find Me Somebody To Love

(Find Me Somebody To Love)

Anybody, Anywhere, Anybody, Find Me Somebody To Love

Love, Love, Love, Love

Find Me, Find Me, Find Me, Yeah


Somebody To Love Lyrics On youtube. (Lyrical Video )

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Somebody To Love Lyrics PDF File 


About Queen:

Queen is a British Stone  Group Made in London in 1970. 

Sombody To Love Lyrics Song By Queen

Their oldest works were affected by advanced rock, tough stone, and thick metallic, but the group gradually ventured to more traditional and radio-friendly operates by integrating further fashions, like stadium stone and pop-rock.

Before forming Queen, May and Taylor had performed in the group Insulation.

Mercury was a lover of Smile and invited them to experiment with much more elaborate phase and recording methods. He combined in 1970 and indicated the title”Queen”.

Deacon was recruited in March 1971, prior to the group launched their eponymous debut album in 1973.

Queen first charted in the UK using their next record, Queen II, in 1974. Sheer Heart Attack after that season and A Night at the Opera in 1975 brought them international victory.

The latter featured”Bohemian Rhapsody”, which remained at number one in the united kingdom for 2 weeks and helped popularise the audio movie format.


Musical Styal:

About the Beatles, Brian May said they”assembled our bible so far as musical composition, structure, and production traveled.

The White Album is an entire catalog of the way you need to use a studio to construct music” Mercury stated, “John Lennon was bigger than life, and also a complete genius.

At a really early stage, if they were the Beatles, I favored John Lennon’s things.

I really don’t understand why. He had that magical.”In their start from the early 1970s, Queen’s music was distinguished as”Led Zeppelin suits Yes” because of its blend of”acoustic/electric guitar extremes and fantasy-inspired multi-part song epics”.

Although Mercury said Robert Plant because his favorite singer and Led Zeppelin as”the biggest” rock group, he also stated Queen”have more in common with Liza Minnelli compared to Led Zeppelin.

We are more at the showbiz heritage compared to the convention”.

In his publication on Vital Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Eddie Trunk explained Queen as”a tough rock ring in the center but one having a high amount of majesty and theatricality that delivered something for everybody”, in addition to observing the band”appeared British”. 

If you are a thick metallic ring you are intended to look and seem like a heavy metal band but you can not call Queen anything.

They are a pop ring one day or the group that wrote’Bicycle Race’ another and a full-blown metallic ring another. Concerning the thickness of this musical landscape which they coated, it was quite like some extent into the Beatles.”



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