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Sour Candy lyrics: Best Song By #Lady Gaga, Blackpink | The Rose Lyrics


Sour Candy Lyrics Song Singing By South Korean Woman Group Blackpink And Lady Gaga.

It had been released for electronic download and streaming on May 28, 2020, as a promotional-only away Gaga’s sixth studio record, Chromatica.


Sour Candy Lyrics Song Information:

The tune was composed by Gaga, Madison Love, Rami Yacoub, Teddy Park, also its own manufacturers Bloodpop and Burns.

It’s a dance-pop, electropop, and deep home song using a home, dancing, and digital lyrics and beat that compare the artists into the titular sour candies.

The song reached number one in Malaysia and Singapore along with also the top ten in Australia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, and Lithuania.


Sour Candy Song Structure And Lyrics :

“Sour Candy Lyrics ” is a 1990s-affected dance-pop, electropop, bubblegum soda, and deep home anthem that follows a”bouncy” home, dancing, along with digital conquer with an optimistic generation.

On the tune, Gaga and Blackpink have been”trading away flirty lines” from English and Korean that use sour candy for a metaphor to”exemplify how they operate at a relationship” also as revealing they are demanding on the outside but sweet and true about the interior.

Lyrically, the song sees the listeners telling a possible lover to take rather than attempt and modify their harm.

The’90s home drop includes Gaga performing a”speak-rap”, while the K-pop team’s verses comprise”tight, nearly mechanical melodies”.

According to the sheet songs printed on Musicnotes.com, the tune is composed in the time signature of shared time and is written in the key of A small using a rate of 120 beats per minute.

The vocals vary in the tonal nodes of G3 into C5.


Peopal critical Response:

Sour Candy Lyrical Song is positive.

Joey Nolfi out of Entertainment Weekly called the tune an”epic alliance” and”a mouthwatering serve”.

Michael Roffman out of Consequence of Audio  stated that”‘Sour Chocolate’ is just another banger in the Oscar winner, demonstrating Chromatica will bring the celebration to our pandemic.”

Claire Shaffer out of Rolling Stone discovered it”a sugar-sweet club monitor for many of our at-home celebrations.

Chuck Arnold of this New York Post wrote that”while the lyrics of’Sour Candy’ could be quite shallow — Jackson Maine likely would not accept — it hardly matters when the defeat is so ailing.

It is just the type of disco-ball-dizzying monitor that fans have been missing because Gaga started to superstardom using 2008’s The Fame and 2011’s Born This Way.”

Jem Award out of Variety discovered it”a dazzling mixture of both artists’ styles”.

Zoe Haylock out of Vulture opined that”if the lyrics can essentially all be Instagram captions, you know it is a fantastic pop tune!”


Sour Candy Lyrics Credits:

  • Song By: Lady Gaga And Blackpink
  • Written By: Michael Tucker, Stefani Germanotta, Madison Love, Matthew Burns
  • produced By: BloodPop, Burns
  • Label:  Interscope
  • Genre:  Dance-pop,deep- house, electropop
  • Released Date: May 28, 2020



Sour Candy Lyrics And Song By  Lady Gaga And Black Pink



Sou-Sour Candy

(Sou-Sour Candy)

[Chorus: Jennie & Lisa]

I’m Sour Candy

So Sweet, Then I Get A Little Angry, Yeah

Sour Candy, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I’m Super Psycho

Make You Crazy When I Turn The Lights Low

Sour Candy, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 1: Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie & Lady Gaga]

Ask Me To Be Nice, And Then I’ll Do It Extra Mean

뜻밖의 표정 하나에 넌 당황하겠지

비싼 척이란 말들로 날 포장한 건 너야, 너야

If You Wanna Fix Me, Then Let’s Break Up Here And Now

거리낌 없는 눈빛에 넌 거릴 두니까

툭 까보면 어김없이 소리질러와

Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh (Oh)

[Refrain: Lady Gaga]

I’m Hard On The Outside

But If You Give Me Time

Then I Could Make Time For Your Love

I’m Hard On The Outside

But If You See Inside, Inside, Inside

I Might Be Messed Up

But I Know What’s Up

You Want A Real Taste

At Least I’m Not A Fake

Come, Come, Unwrap Me

Come, Come, Unwrap Me

I’ll Show You What’s Me

Close Your Eyes, Don’t Peek

Now I’m Undressing

Unwrap Sour Candy

Come, Come, Unwrap Me

Come, Come, Unwrap Me

Come On, Sour Candy (Oh)

[Refrain: Lady Gaga]

I’m Hard On The Outside

But If You Give Me Time

Then I Could Make Time For Your Love

I’m Hard On The Outside

But If You See Inside, Inside, Inside

[Chorus: Rosé & Lisa]

I’m Sour Candy

So Sweet ‘Til I Get A Little Angry, Yeah

Sour Candy, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I’m Super Psycho

Make You Crazy When I Turn The Lights Low

Sour Candy, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

[Outro: Lady Gaga]

Take A Bite, Take A Bite

S-Sour Candy (Sour Candy)

Take A Bite, Take A Bite (Uh)

S-Sour Candy

Take A Bite, Take A Bite

S-Sour Candy (Sour Candy)

Take A Bite, Take A Bite (Uh)

Sour Candy


Video Song Sour Candy Lyrics Song  ( Lyrical Video )

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Song Sour Candy Lyrics PDF File


About Sour Candy Lyrics Song Singers Lady Gaga & BlackPink:

Lady Gaga:


Lady Gaga Real name Is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta born on March 28, 1986.

She is a Songwriter,  Singer, Celebrity, producer,


Sour Candy Lyrics Song Singers Lady Gaga

She’s notorious for reinventing herself during her career and because of her flexibility in a lot of regions of the entertainment market.

Gaga started performing as a teen, singing at open microphone nights, and acting in school plays. 

After Def Jam Recordings canceled her contract, she was employed as a songwriter to get Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where Akon assisted her to sign a joint agreement with Interscope Records along with his very own tag KonLive Distribution at 2007.

She rose to prominence the next year with her debut album The Fame and its own chart-topping singles”Only Dance” and”Poker Face”.

The record was later reissued to incorporate the EP The Fame Dragon  (2009), which yielded the singles”Bad marching “, “Telephone”, and”Alejandro”.



BlackPink Is Group Of woman In South Korean.

Sour Candy Lyrics Song Singers Lady Gaga & BlackPink


They debuted in August 2016 using their only record Square One, which spawned”Whistle” and”Boombayah”, their initial couple of strikes in South Korea, and about the Billboard World Digital Song Revenue graph, respectively.

Blackpink is your highest-charting female Korean action on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 33 using their 2020 singles” How you like That Lyrics ” and”Sour Candy”, along with also the Billboard 200, peaking at number 24 with Kill This Appreciate  (2019).

They had been the very first Korean woman group to go into and best Billboard’s Emerging Artists graph and to high the Billboard’s World Digital Song Revenue chart three occasions.

Blackpink also became the first female Korean action to be given a certificate from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) using their hit single”Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” (2018),

that’s the most-viewed music movie with a Korean band on YouTube.

They possess the most top 40 hits in the United Kingdom one of all Korean musicians.

Their 2018 only”Kiss and Makeup” was the first tune by a Korean band to get a certificate in the British Phonographic Industry (BPI)

 along with the first tune by a Korean band to be certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).


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