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The 1 Lyrics : Best Song by # 1 Taylor swift | The Rose Lyrics

The 1 lyrics Song By American SongWriiter And Singer Taylor swift from the album, Folklore.

And Also composed by Taylor Swift And  Aaron Dessner.

And Released in Jully 24,2020.

And Make republic Record.


The 1 Lyrics Song Information:

“The 1” lyrically sees Swift discuss how she’s doing.

It’s been described as both”danceable” and”slowed down”, together with Vox’s Allegra Frank calling it a”gray-skied wander through [Swift’s] daily”.

It’s a”trickling” piano instrumentation that’s been in comparison to that of the National’s I’m simple to Locate  (2019).

“The 1 lyrics” received favorable reviews from critics. 

An outcome of Audio ‘s Katie Moulton mentioned this as an illustration of”a transgression against’radio-‘ and’family-friendly'” which Swift expresses on Folklore. 

Composing for The Line of Best Fit, Eloise Bulmer said that its titular lineup provides a glimpse of the”witty and unlucky-in-love Swift”.

Upon the launch of Folklore, “The 1 lyrics Song” debuted at number one on the US Spotify graph with 4.175 million flows and became the largest debut by a female artist in America from the platform’s history.

Debuting at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart, it gave Swift her sixteenth top-ten only in the nation.


The 1 Lyrics Song Credits:

  • Song By: Taylor swift
  • Written By: Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner
  • Produced By: Aaron Dessner
  • Album: Folklore
  • Label: Republic
  • Record year:  2020
  • Released Date: July 24, 2020


The 1 Lyrics With Song by Taylor Swift


I’m Doing Good, I’m On Some New Shit

Been Saying “Yes” Instead Of “No”

I Thought I Saw You At The Bus Stop, I Didn’t Though

I Hit The Ground Running Each Night

I Hit The Sunday Matinée

You Know The Greatest Films Of All Time Were Never Made

I Guess You Never Know, Never Know

And If You Wanted Me, You Really Should’ve Showed

And If You Never Bleed, You’re Never Gonna Grow

And It’s Alright Now

But We Were Something, Don’t You Think So?

Roaring Twenties, Tossing Pennies In The Pool

And If My Wishes Came True

It Would’ve Been You

In My Defense, I Have None

For Never Leaving Well Enough Alone

But It Would’ve Been Fun

If You Would’ve Been The One


I Have This Dream You’re Doing Cool Shit

Having Adventures On Your Own

You Meet Some Woman On The Internet And Take Her Home

We Never Painted By The Numbers, Baby

But We Were Making It Count

You Know The Greatest Loves Of All Time Are Over Now

I Guess You Never Know, Never Know

And It’s Another Day Waking Up Alone

But We Were Something, Don’t You Think So?

Roaring Twenties, Tossing Pennies In The Pool

And If My Wishes Came True

It Would’ve Been You

In My Defense, I Have None

For Never Leaving Well Enough Alone

But It Would’ve Been Fun

If You Would’ve Been The One

I, I, I Persist And Resist The Temptation To Ask You

If One Thing Had Been Different

Would Everything Be Different Today?

We Were Something, Don’t You Think So?

Rosé Flowing With Your Chosen Family

And It Would’ve Been Sweet

If It Could’ve Been Me

In My Defense, I Have None

For Digging Up The Grave Another Time

But It Would’ve Been Fun

If You Would’ve Been The One



Lyrical Video Song Of The 1 Lyrics:

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The 1 Lyrics PDF FIle


The 1 Lyrics Song Singer Taylor Swift:

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter.

Her story songwriting, which frequently centers around her private life, has received widespread press coverage.

The 1 Lyrics Song Singer Taylor Swift

Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2004 to pursue a career in audio.


Musical style:

Swift’s music is composed primarily of components of pop up, synth-pop, nation, nation pop, along with the stone. 

Swift explained herself as a country artist before the launch of 1989 (2014), which she recognized as her initial”sonically cohesive pop record”.

Rolling Stone wrote,”[Swift] may have played on the country station, but she is one of the very few real rock stars we have nowadays.”

In accordance with The New York Times, “There is not much in Ms. Swift’s songs to signify nation –some banjo strums, a pair of cowboy boots worn out onstage,

a bedazzled guitar–but there is something within her winsome, exposed delivery that is special to Nashville.”

 The Guardian composed that Swift” cranks melodies out using the pitiless efficacy of a pop mill” The Los Angeles Times identified Swift’s”defining”

outspoken gestures in studio records.

Rolling Stone, at a Chat Now inspection, wrote: “Swift’s voice is unkind enough to conceal how masterful she’s become a singer;

she lowers her voice to get the payoff lines in the traditional manner of a shy woman trying to talk hard.”

In the second review of Chat Now,

The Village Voice composed that her phrasing was formerly”dull and muddled, but that is changed.

She can still seem strained and lean, and frequently strays to a pitch which drives some people mad, but she has learned how to create words sound like exactly.


Public Reaction ( Image ):

In 2013, Abercrombie & Fitch promoted a motto T-shirt using a”slut-shaming” remark led toward her.

 The New York Times claimed in 2013 her”relationship history has started to stir what seems like the start of a backlash”.

They asked whether Swift was in the middle of a”quarter-life catastrophe”.

Swift has said she’s reluctant to talk about her private life in public; she thinks that speaking about it could be”a profession weakness”. 

In 2020, Swift revealed she fought with an eating disease previously. Rolling Stone opinions upon her considerate manner:”

If that really is Swift’s game face, it has to be tattooed because it falls”, and noticed her”simplicity with glad-handing”.

The Hollywood Reporter explained Swift as”the Top People Individual since Bill Clinton”.

While introducing Swift having an award for his or her endeavors in 2012, Michelle Obama explained her as a singer that”has rocketed to the peak of the music business but still retains her feet on the floor,

somebody who has crushed every expectation of what a 22-year-old can reach”. Swift believes Michelle Obama for a role model.

 Based on The New York Times and advertising Matt B.

Britton, Swift’s business savvy has helped her”excel within a real character who builds direct connections with her crowd”,

“touch as many individuals as you can”, and”create a type of advocacy and enthusiasm which no degree of advertising can”.


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