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Its released date 23 May 2019 In America On Officially Youtube Channel.

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The London Lyrics Song Singer Young Thug:

Jeffery Lamar Williams, known as Young Thug, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.


He’s regarded as among the most influential rappers of his creation, together with his songs having heavily shaped modern snare music and inspired countless artists.

Born / Place : 16 August 1991 (age 28 years), Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Height: 1.91 m (6.2 feet)

Full Name: Jeffery Lamar Williams


Net Worth Of Young thug:

Young Thug is an American rapper that has a net worth of $8 million.

Young Thug includes a distinctive musical style and also an equally different sense of style.


Permeture Life Of Young Thug:

Jeffery Lamar Williams was created in Atlanta, the tenth of eleven kids.

He’s from Sylvan Hills, a locality in Atlanta (Zone 3), also climbed up at the Jonesboro South jobs.

Other rappers in the area contain Waka Flocka Flame, two Chainz, Ludacris, and Williams’s childhood friend PeeWee Longway, from whom Williams lived four doors.

Young Thug has told me he had been expelled at the sixth grade for breaking up a teacher.

He had been sent to juvenile prison for four decades.


Legal issues Of Young Thug:

Since his career began, Young Thug has had several run-ins together with the law.

Back in April 2015 following a Lil Wayne tour bus had been fired by members of their Bloods street-gang, Thug was among those people involved in a litigation following

the bus driver of the tour bus chose to sue Money Money Records, Young Money Records, Birdman, and Young Thug.

A suit was filed from Thug in January 2017 later Thug did not appear in a concert at Sahlen’s Stadium following a $55,000 contract had been signed.

This was not the first time that a lawsuit was filed against Thug for not looking at a concert, even as a Texas production firm filed a lawsuit against

Thug in April 2016 afterward he neglected to play in a concert.

The thug was rid of battery April 2017 after allegedly slapping a girl outside a nightclub in the prior month.

The girl was contending with Thug’s fiancée, Jerrika Karlae when Thug allegedly stepped in and assaulted the girl.

The charges had been dropped because of a lack of signs.

Thug’s attorneys argued that police conducted the search without a warrant that resulted in the D.A falling all fees except felony marijuana possession.

It had been reported in April 2017 which Thug has been sued by Heritage Select Homes for thanks to nearly $2.2 million in home payments.


Musical Style of Young Thug :

Young Thug has received both criticism and praise because of his eccentric and distinctive vocal style, which was described as leaving from traditional rap lyricism and at times intelligible meaning.

Pitchfork called his personality”incredibly distinctive” and”a bizarre, experimental approach to rapping” while praising his”existence, character, mystique, and, possibly, star power” Billboard wrote that”Thug employs this multiplicative outspoken delivery to

his benefit: where the next rapper could lapse into copying, he sees a new approach to distress and twist his tone, to burrow resourcefully into rhythmic cracks and cracks.” Sophisticated

noted that his aptitude for producing catchy, melodic hooks.

XXL called him a”rap weirdo”, saying that”Thug’s charisma, unhinged stream, and hooks create his songs ” Critic Sheldon Pearce wrote that”Thug knows the contemporary pop tune structure better than

anyone: everything and anything could be a hook”Young Thug was noted for his quick functioning method, with different collaborators celebrating his inclination to freestyle monitors reside in the studio or

He does not write lyrics down but has been proven to plan legends by drawing signs and shapes.

An outcome of Audio said that”his job is continually suspended in improvisation, an inherently thrilling notion that is embedded in black music” Discussing his work, Williams has promised the

capacity to write a hit song in 10 minutes and stated”I am at the studio, I will just try things.

I simply believe and attempt, believe, and attempt.

I do not actually understand how to sing, but I have been trying for ages.

” Young Thug has mentioned American rapper, Lil Wayne, because of his main idol and sway.


The London Lyrics Credits:

  • Song By: Young Thug
  • Written By: Jeffery WilliamsJermaine Cole
  • Produced By: T-Minus
  • Label: 300, Atlantic
  • Released Date: May 23, 2019


Best Song By Young Thug

( The London Lyrics )



[J. Cole:]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Oh, Oh
Woah, Woah, Oh
You Good, T-Minus?

[Travis Scott:]
Me Meet Me At The London (London)
If You Find Time, We Can Run One (Run One)
Talk About Some Things, We Can’t Undo (Undo)
You Just Send The Pin, I Can Find You (You)
6’1″ On The Money, 9’2″ (9’2″)
You Just Say The Word And I’ll Run Through
Two Texts, No Reply, That’s When I Knew
I Knew, I Knew, Yeah I Knew

[J. Cole:]
Circumnavigate The Globe, As The Cash Grows (Grow)
Get A Nigga Whacked, Like You Get The Grass Mowed (Mowed)
I’m Talkin’ Slick, Run ‘Em With The Big Slime, Nigga (Slime)
Could Hit Your Bitch, You Could Never Hit Mine, Nigga (Mine)
In My Dm, They Electric Slide, Nigga (Huh, Slide)
No Catfishing, This Is Not A Fish Fry, Nigga
Never Switch Sides On My Dog
Catch A Contact, Hitch A Ride, Go To Mars
Everybody Sing
How Could You Come Up Out Your Face And Say I Ain’t The Hottest
Nigga You Done Never Heard
I Left A Flock Of Rappers Dead And Burned
A Verse From Me Is Like Eleven Birds
I Did The Math It’s Like 2000 Dollars Every Word
I’m On The Verge, I’ll Beat The Charge
I Killed Some Niggas And I Walked Away From It
Then I Observe, Just How You Curve
And Told Them Niggas That They Gotta Wait For Me
I Know, I Know You In High Demand
I’m Balling On A Pussy Nigga Like Jauwanna Mann
I’m Drowning All Inside The Pussy Like I Never Swam
Ayy, Fuck Your Ig, I Put Somethin’ On Your Sonogram
I’m The Man (Ayy, Ayy)

[Travis Scott:]
Me Meet Me At The London (London)
If You Find Time, We Can Run One (Run One)
Talk About Some Things, We Can Undo (Undo)
You Just Send The Pin, I Can Find You (You)
6’1″ On The Money, 9’2″ (9’2″)
You Just Say The Word And I’ll Run Through
Two Texts, No Reply, That’s When I Knew
I Knew, I Knew, Yeah I Knew

[Young Thug:]
Pimp Talk, Church Talk, I Can Make A Brick Walk (Woo)
Up North, Down South, Bankhead The Ritual (Ayy)
Hit It With A Little Water, Stretch It Like A Vocal Cord
Std, I Run My Ward, Fuck A Fed And His Daughter
I’ma Run The Compound (Yeah), I Supply The Cigarettes And Bread (Woah)
I Got A Main And She Gon’ Ride (Uh)
She Took A Quarter And She Fled (Quarter And She Fled)
I’m In The Lamb So She Gon’ Ride (Yeah)
I See The Pain In Shortie’s Light Brown Eyes (Ooh)
I’m At The London With Some Big Thighs
No Fries, She Eat Steaks With The Fish Sides
Did Your Mama Tell You When Something On Fire, Stop, Drop And Roll? (Aww Yeah)
I’ve Been On The Road Like A Pair Of Sprinters At Stop And Go’s (Yeah)
I Could Charge Them Like A Dodge In A Demon
Got Your Broad In The Garage Eatin’ Semen (Woo)
Every Time A Nigga Go Back To The Ward
Niggas Act Like They Wan’ Start
And We Leave Them On The Cement (Grrat, Grrat)

[Travis Scott:]
Me Meet Me At The London (London)
If You Find Time, We Can Run One (Run One)
Talk About Some Things, We Can Undo (Undo)
You Just Send The Pin, I Can Find You (Find-Find-Find)
6’1″ On The Money, 9’2″ (9’2″)
You Just Say The Word And I’ll Run Through
Two Texts, No Reply, That’s When I Knew (I Knew)
I Knew, I Knew, Yeah I Knew

Aight, Crushed Down When You’re Mine (Yeah)
44 Times When You Won’t Play (Yeah, Side)
44 Side (Yeah)
89 Fly, I Might (Fly)
I Might, See You One Time,
Get Down, Might
See This Whole Town, Every Time, I (Woah, Woah, Won’t Play, I)
Yeah, They Know What’s Up (Woah, Won’t Play)


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