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Ultralight beam lyrics

Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song By Best American Singer Kanye West.

This Song Was Taken from The life Pablo In 2016.

Information of Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song:

Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song People Most like.

It was performed live on Saturday Night Live in February 2016.

The tune, heavily affected by soul and gospel songs, is all about the West’s faith in God.

Its recording procedure, according to manufacturer Derek Watkins, happened over several jam sessions, in which a number of West’s regular collaborators, such as Mike Dean, were included.

Other people who participated included Watkins, manufacturer Swizz Beatz and singer Justin Bieber, whose gifts have been omitted from the last recording.

In a meeting, Watkins explains the”ultralight beam Lyrics Song ” as”the link which goes directly to paradise.”

The tune’s opening is taken out of a movie uploaded to the societal networking website Instagram of a four-year-old woman named Natalie Green speaking about God.

Since being published, “Ultralight Beam Lyrical Song” has received worldwide acclaim from music critics, who complimented its performances and message.

It charted in the USA, the Uk, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada in 2016.

The song was nominated for its Grammy Award to get Greatest Rap/Sung Performance and Best Rap Song in the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in 2017.

The song appeared on year-end lists for 2016 by several books, such as Sophisticated and Consequence of Audio.

In 2019, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone equally listed it as one of the greatest tunes of the 2010s.

The song has been achieved by both West and Chance that the Rapper in concert.
Despite never having been published as a single, it’s left a substantial legacy.

The tune was covered by other musicians such as Harry Styles, Stormzy, Austin Gleason, and Local Natives.

A reinterpretation of the tune, made by West, premiered by the Sunday Service Choir in 2019.


Background This Song:

Based on author and producer Derek Watkins, better called Fonzworth Bentley, the tune started after he arrived in an L.A. studio and discovered Mike Dean enjoying the tune’s chords.

The tambourines from this session are about the tune’s final combination. Freestyle has been pioneered by the West.

The tune’s melody along with the lyrics” that can be an ultralight beam” was filmed by West and Chance that the Rapper in this freestyle.

According to Watkins, a lot of West’s words and patterns throughout the freestyle ended up in his closing screenplay.

Both were united by Bieber, who loathed a cappella. Bieber’s involvement was revealed by Chance that the Rapper, and afterward verified by Fonzworth Bentley in a meeting with The Fader.

But he fails to appear on the last

the version of this tune.

Watkins started editing the freestyle at West’s petition.

As he had been editing, he”heard” Kelly Price and Kirk Franklin at a choir and understood they needed to be about the trail.

Watkins advised West and contacted Cost and Franklin.

He advised Cost about the idea of this”ultralight beam” Price stated Watkins sent her track and advised her to”write what you feel” She believed that the relation between the subscribers was”spiritual” Watkins known as Franklin and needed him fly L.A. to capture his poetry.

When he had been at the studio together with the choir, Franklin educated every member of their components in seven minutes.

Following the choir had completed, Franklin and Price listed their components. readily available for purchase.

Structure And Lyrics Of Ultralight Beam Song:

“Ultralight Beam lyrics Song ” is a hip hop tune with elements of soul and gospel music.

The tune has just one official sample charge, a movie uploaded into the social networking website Instagram by consumer @sheisnatalie of a four-year-old woman named Natalie Green speaking about God.

Kelly Price supplies the next verse and Chance that the Rapper raps the fourth verse.

In his, poetry West talks about his connection with and his beliefs in God.

In her verse, Cost asks her very own questions concerning God but finally understands when her faith is analyzed she can look towards”the light” and everything will be okay.

In addition, he remarks on Spike Lee’s movie Chi-Raq (2015), whose assumption he has publicly spoken out against.

Assessing the lyrics: “It is possible to sense that the lyrics, the soul coming from braille/Tubman of this underground, come and stick to the road,”


Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song:

  • Song By: Kanye West
  • Written By: Kanye West, Mike Dean, Kelly Price, Terius Nash, Nico Segal
  • Producer: Kanye West, Mike Dean, Chance the Rapper
  • Genre: Hip hop, gospel
  • Label: GOOD Music, Def Jam
  • Album: The life Pablo
  • Released Date: February 14, 2016

Ultralight Beam Lyrics :



[Natalie Is Great (Mother):]
Yes, God
We Don’t Want No Devils In The House, God
Yes, Lord
We Want The Lord
Yes, Jesus
And That’s It
Yes, God
Hallel— Hand Over Satan
Yes, Jesus
Jesus Praise The Lord
Yes, God
Hallelujah, God
Yes, God
We Don’t Want No Devils In The House, God
Yes, Lord
We Want The Lord
Yes, Jesus
And That’s It
Yes, God
Hallel— Hand Over Satan
Yes, Jesus
Jesus Praise The Lord
Yes, God

[Kanye West & The-Dream:]
I’m Tryna Keep My Faith
We On An Ultralight Beam
We On An Ultralight Beam
This Is A God Dream
This Is A God Dream
This Is Everything
This Is Everything
Deliver Us Serenity
Deliver Us Peace
Deliver Us Loving
We Know We Need It
You Know We Need It
You Know We Need It
That’s Why We Need You Now, Oh,
I Pray For Paris
Pray For The Parents
This Is A God Dream
This Is A God Dream
This Is A God Dream
We On An Ultralight Beam
We On An Ultralight Beam
This Is A God Dream
This Is A God Dream
This Is Everything
Everything, Thing, Thing, Thing

[The-Dream & Choir:]
I’m Tryna Keep My Faith
But I’m Looking For More
Somewhere I Can Feel Safe
And End My Holy War
I’m Tryna Keep My Faith

[Kelly Price (Choir):]
So Why Send Depression Not Blessings?
Why, Oh Why’d You Do Me Wrong? More
You Persecute The Weak
Because It Makes You Feel So Strong To Save
Don’t Have Much Strength To Fight
So I Look To The Light, Lord
To Make These Wrongs Turn Right
Head Up High, I Look To The Light
Hey, Cause I Know That You’ll Make Everything Alright
And I Know That You’ll Take Good Care Of Your Child
Oh, No Longer Am Afraid Of The Night
Cause I, I Look To The Light

[Chance The Rapper:]
When They Come For You, I Will Shield Your Name
I Will Field Their Questions, I Will Feel Your Pain
No One Can Judge
They Don’t, They Don’t Know
They Don’t Know
Foot On The Devil’s Neck ‘Til It Drifted Pangaea
I’m Moving All My Family From Chatham To Zambia
Treat The Demons Just Like Pam
I Mean I Fuck With Your Friends, But Damn, Gina
I Been This Way Since Arthur Was Anteater
Now They Wanna Hit Me With The Woo Wap The Bam
Tryna Snap Photos Of Familia
My Daughter Look Just Like Sia, You Can’t See Her
You Can Feel The Lyrics, The Spirit Coming In Braille
Tubman Of The Underground, Come And Follow The Trail
I Made Sunday Candy, I’m Never Going To Hell
I Met Kanye West, I’m Never Going To Fail
He Said Let’s Do A Good Ass Job With Chance Three
I Hear You Gotta Sell It To Snatch The Grammy
Let’s Make It So Free And The Bars So Hard
That There Ain’t One Gosh Darn Part You Can’t Tweet
This Is My Part, Nobody Else Speak
This Is My Part, Nobody Else Speak
This Little Light Of Mine
Glory Be To God, Yeah
I’mma Make Sure That They Go Where They Can’t Go
If They Don’t Wanna Ride I’mma Still Give Them Raincoats
Know What God Said When He Made The First Rainbow
Just Throw This At The End If I’m Too Late For The Intro
Ugh, I’m Just Having Fun With It
You Know That A Nigga Was Lost
I Laugh In My Head
Cause I Bet That My Ex Looking Back Like A Pillar Of Salt
Ugh, Cause They’ll Flip The Script On Your Ass Like Wesley And Spike
You Cannot Mess With The Light
Look At Lil Chano From 79th

[Kanye West:]
We On An Ultralight Beam
We On An Ultralight Beam
This Is A God Dream
This Is A God Dream
This Is Everything

[The-Dream (Natalie Is Great) & Choir:]
Yes, God
I’m Tryna Keep My Faith
Yes, Jesus
That’s It
But I’m Looking For More
Somewhere I Can Feel Safe
And End My Holy War

[Kirk Franklin & Choir:]
Father, This Prayer Is For Everyone That Feels They’re Not Good Enough.
This Prayer’s For Everybody That Feels Like They’re Too Messed Up.
For Everyone That Feels They’ve Said “I’m Sorry” Too Many Times.
You Can Never Go Too Far When You Can’t Come Back Home Again. That’s Why I Need…
Faith, More, Safe, War

Video Song Of Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song:



Ultralight Beam Lyrics PDF FILE


About Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song Singer Kanye West:

Kanye Omari West Is Best Singer, Rapper, Writer, Producer, composer, And Also fashion Disener In United States.

Basically He his Allrounder in the Music industry.

Ultralight Beam Lyrics Song About Kanye West

His music draws from a variety of genres, such as hip hop, soul, baroque pop, electro, indie rock, synth-pop, industrial, and gospel.

Kanye Omari West Is Born 8 June 1977 In Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

West’s outspoken viewpoints and lifestyle beyond music have received considerable press attention.

He’s been a regular source of controversy because of his behavior at award reveals, on social websites, and in other public settings, in addition to for his remarks about the audio and style businesses, U.S. politics, along with race.

His Christian religion, in addition to his marriage to tv character Kim Kardashian, also has been a source of press focus.

As a fashion designer, he’s collaborated with Nike, Louis Vuitton, and A.P.C.

on both the clothes and apparel and also have most prominently caused the Yeezy cooperation with Adidas starting in 2013.

He’s the creator and head of the imaginative material firm DONDA.


Album of Kanye West :

Kanye West is the first album The College Dropout in 2004This Album Is Very Critical And His Record by GOOD Music.

His Experiment was Good With albums, including Late Registration (2005), Graduation (2007), and 808s & Heartbreak (2008).

Kanye West Fifth Album Is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy In 2010. And Sixth Album is Yeezus in 2013.

And Also Best album is The Life of Pablo in 2016, Ye in 2016, and Jesus Is King in 2019 With Kid Cudi.


Premature Life Of Kanye West:

West was created on June 8, 1977, in Douglasville, Georgia.

His dad, Ray West, is a former Black Panther and has been among the earliest black photojournalists in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ray West was afterward a Christian counselor, also in 2006, opened the Fantastic Water Shop and Café at Lexington Park, Maryland with startup funds from his own son. West’s mother, Dr. Donda C.

West was raised at a middle-class history, attending Polaris High School in suburban Oak Lawn, Illinois, later living in Chicago.

At age 10, West proceeded with his mum to Nanjing, China, where she had been teaching at Nanjing University as part of the exchange program.

According to his mom, West was the only foreigner in his course, but settled well and immediately picked up the speech, even though he’s since forgotten it all.
And I am not frontin’.

“West revealed an affinity for the arts from a young age; he began writing poetry when he was five years old.

His mother remembered that she took note of West’s enthusiasm for drawing and songs when he had been at the next tier.

West started rapping at the next tier and started making musical compositions in the seventh grade, finally selling them to other musicians.



Legal Issues Of Kanye West:

Knievel took issue with a”sexually charged movie” where West takes on the character of”Evel Kanyevel” and tries flying a rocket above a canyon.

The lawsuit claimed breach on Knievel’s trademarked name and likeness.

Knievel also maintained that the”vulgar and offensive” images depicted at the movie damaged his standing.

The lawsuit sought monetary damages and an injunction to prevent the distribution of this movie.

West’s attorneys contended that the audio movie appealed to satire and was covered beneath the First Amendment.

Only days before his departure in November 2007, Knievel amicably settled the lawsuit after being paid a trip from West, stating, “I thought he was a superb man and a gentleman.”


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